Transforming with Your Saturn Return

Question for Alana: I seem to be in what is termed the second Saturn Return, which to me is synonymous with having basic structures pulled apart.

Actually its more like having one's engine overhauled while driving the car ..which in itself seems like an impossibility, but nevertheless that is the way it feels. I endure my Saturn Return as an exercise in growth and consciousness in which I am harvesting and assimilating my life experience at this point and becoming a revised version of myself.

Many times I receive glimpses of new and greater understandings, including the coming of "Elderhood." Yet at other times everything seems pointless and I feel I am just using my imagination to make myself feel OK about what is happening. Basically, my life is falling apart. If this is the second Saturn Return, then some corresponding experience must happen to others around the age of 56-60. Can you offer any insights into this sometimes excruciating dilemma and phase in the molting human process?

Alana's Answer: Hello, dear one! That is a grand question!

When we are baby beings, and born into the world we first experience a time that is for defining our nature. We develop our ego presence and get to experience a sense of our identity in our lives. Many years later we then move into the time of the Saturn Return and we have an opportunity to cast parts of our self. Or let us say many parts that we were brought into us from our desire to live another person's life or dreams. We then begin to create a greater sense of self identity for the years between, say, 28 to 50.

So, when we come of age and enter into Elderhood, as you so elegantly placed the phrase, its that time again, we are now asking ourselves to do a very similar thing. But, in this case we have a foundation that represents much of our truer identity along with lessons we have learned, some we have yet to learn, and areas we have yet to become fulfilled in accordance to our divine life path. During the Second Saturn Return we are getting ready to celebrate a fuller expression of our innate and authentic nature by peeling away what no longer serves us. We are ready to surrender to some of the unrealized or expressions of our authentic self that wish to find fulfillment. So again, dear one, during this second cycle we begin to shed the parts of us that were put in place to fulfill other people's dreams we adapted to, as we move back into a deeper sense of authentic nature and find paths for expression.

Yes, dear one, everyone goes through Saturn Returns as we gain in age. But everyone will feel this cycle in differently because of our individuality. Therefore, we all will have our own unique experiences. Some people may find this time poses greater difficulty while moving into Elderhood than others. Some people will just step into it and feel youthful and renewed, like shedding a second skin that is no longer relevant or useful.

So, what Alana senses during this time for you, dear one, is that aspects of your life are falling away so you may rekindle your innermost nature and surrender to a greater degree of inner authenticity. It feels that creativity, expression, and willingness to take a risk want to be present during this time as well. It feels that you are beginning to create a new form of simplicity in your life. You are beginning to look at your values and your needs, and what is really important to you. It also feels that simplicity is going to give you so much freedom to attract some very grand possibilities. Through these possibilities, your choices will support personal expansion on new fronts that may be very fulfilling.

Your spiritual nature is unfolding and your spiritual truths are expanding. It feels that your vibrational nature is elevating to new awarenesses, more and more. You are finding more of yourself. And you are finding that you are not responsible for the universe, you know. You are learning how to be responsible for yourself each day, honor what brings you joy, and discover how you can serve others by being true to you. You will end up creating a life where you'll eventually bring back to yourself meaningful work, and meaningful relationships.

So, dear one, thank you for your question. I hope that others can hear this question and recognize that in one's mature age we can find a time to be fully authentic; and therefore, we are able to contribute back to the whole, much that we have learned from our grand individual expression.

Thank you, dear one, so much for being who you are.