Loss of Love

Question: The recent death of my mother and (negative) change in my relationship with the love of my life has left me in such agony. I so desperately need an answer, a divine sign. Please, will love be restored with the person I love and with life? And when? I look forward to your spiritual guidance and advice on this personal issue, as I am really at a loss.

Answer: Hello, dear one! Thank you for your question.

Sometimes, when we lose a parent to the other side it is a time for us to really get in touch with the cycle of our life that we are now in. You see, mortality is an interesting subject. It is one that brings up much self confusion, as well as self definition. The fact that your partner has also created changes in your relationship at the same time as the departure of your mother feels like this is a very important time in your life to really spend some quality moments searching your soul's desires and purpose.

When a parent passes they also leave gifts. They also leave with those they love gifts that they no longer will need in the form that they are in now. So, what you could do, dear one, is take some time to do some soul searching. Spend some time asking yourself what you really would like in your future. Ask yourself what is within your power to create from your own energies, your own efforts, your own interests and your own joy. Begin to spend some time turning towards these ideas, these senses, these feelings and begin to educate yourself more and express yourself more.

Alana feels that one thing you are learning is how to express yourself. You are also learning about communication, the responsibilities that you have with your nature and contributing more of yourself in the way of what would bring you joy. Alana also feels that when we have these times in our lives where we feel very much alone that it is a grand opportunity for us to heal our connection with our spiritual self as well. You may find that you will be challenging yourself to create a greater definition of what the God within you is. And by doing this it will help you tap into the part of you that is whole, the part of you that is love, and the part of you that is light. This will also assist you in healing relationships around you and bringing more love into your body, or vitality and energy, so that your outer relationships will also benefit.

Alana cannot tell you the outcome of your relationship with the man you have spoken of. But, Alana can tell you that as you fall in love with yourself and find more joy within you, that this relationship will also benefit.

Thank you, dear one, for your question, and recognize that this is a cycle of growth in your life. It shall pass because through it you will learn more about how to make yourself happy and you will create a greater identity for yourself. You see, sometimes the times that are the best in our lives in the way of soul development, and growth come about during spaces like these.

Thank you, dear one, and please have compassion for yourself.