Question: Alana, my domestic partner recently had his job eliminated and was able to work another job at the same company. The energy there is negative and my partner comes home deflated and negative. He recently received a job offer in another state that meets most of what he desires in a job, yet he turned it down to stay and be with me. There have not been any offers or openings for him in our state and we have to look at how he will or won't meet his financial indebtedness. I felt strongly that the out of state job was his creation that he attracted and refused. He hasn't attracted the same here. How can I support him? I am very challenged to find the positive right now about his situation and need to spend time in my own career, which recently changed. Will he find a position that fulfills him, meets his financial needs, and is here in my area soon?

Answer: Hello, dear one! Thank you for your question. Alana can feel the confusion that could exist in this situation and encourages you to continue to follow your dream and nurture your career.

Do what you can to create vitality and energy in your life. And at the same time, create a day in your week for the two of you to create a bond together. Here is what Alana suggests:

How about creating a time--like on Sunday, Saturday evening, or Friday night--where you can create a ritual? It could also be at breakfast time. Use this time to create a ritual where you support each other. You can tell your mate what you desire and what you would like to work on. Tell him what brings you joy and to what you aspire in your life. Share your thoughts and visions. At the same time, he can do the same thing with you. You can both create a "wish box" or an altar together. You know, a symbol that is about the two of you. By doing this you create a bond.

This also creates communication and helps both of you get your words from within out into the open. This will create a greater pathway for you to support each other. In doing this, he can also say, "Well, this is what I want to create, and this is what I want to create...(and so on)." This will help him begin to see that what he wants is possible. As two people come together spending time thinking, energizing, and putting vitality into thoughts of what they *do* want, rather than dwelling on what they *don't* want, they create a collective energy that is quite powerful.

Alana feels the best way that you can support your partner is, first of all, to continue to take care of your life in the ways that you know how. Continue to support your well-being. Then secondly, create a ritual between the two of you as long as he is willing to explore both your dreams and ideas. Create a partnership to do this, and then both of you can fuel your relationship while turning toward this ritual to help create in your relationship.

Alana feels that this will also create a powerful connection for you both and will help you to cultivate your communication, your sense of honesty, and the willingness to be authentically present. This way both of you can show up and be who you are.

Thank you, dear one, for your question. It is a very wonderful question because what it says is, "Yes, I am my nature. Yes, I care about you. Yes, I hold you as able." Thank you, dear one.