Healing Dualistic Beliefs

Question: Dear Alana, I am over sixty and have had a good life with some health problems. I worked all my life until a year ago. I was brought up with the idea of a God that would punish me for my so called sins. Just a while back I found a Course in Miracles. It seems to make sense to me but the old teachings seem to be slowing my understanding of the course. Is there anything I can do to get rid of the old thinking?

Answer: Hello, dear one. Thank you for your precious being and bringing this valuable question to Alana. I have much delight in hearing this question. This is it brings up a way to sort through the need for control and power which is at the root of many religions that have created a dualistic relationship.

So, dear one, you can begin to sort by perhaps listening to your feelings in a new way? Ask yourself if the words in spiritual or religious teachings create separation between people, or and if they separate you from All That Is, or beautiful, Universal God and Light. So, dear one, what Alana is wanting to say, is as you listen to the words the teachings contain, feel them. Feel if they empower you, and feel if they are empowering you to recognize that you have resources in you that are connected to All That Is. And that you are a co-creator as well.

If the teachings bring about a feeling of separation and alienation, and if there is a superior being that is punishing you or judging you, then you know that something is missing somewhere. The communication is missing an important point. This is because, dear one, we are all one. We are all connected and God's vibration is the love that is within us, just as much as we are love within God, you see.

So the way you can begin to reframe or reshape the old beliefs that exist within you is quite simple. Just ask yourself if the teachings feel dualistic. Ask yourself if they are based on the energy of separation. And ask yourself how you feel in your heart.

Eventually, dear one, you will begin to be able to feel much more ease within yourself as you release judgement, limitation, and the lack that is attached to believing in the energy of separation, or that God is someone or something that exists outside of us.

Thank you, dear one, for this question.