Messages from Spirit Guides

Question: Hi, I was wondering if I am on a new spiritual path now. My brother's death has brought me to a better understanding of life after death. I've been receiving many signs, and also messages, from spirit guides in my dreams. It makes me feel very peaceful and full of understanding, but I cannot remember what they say, just the feeling and the signs. Since I receive a lot, I was wondering if it is just wishful thinking. But my heart tells me they are real. Could you help me with this at all? If so I greatly appreciate it. Love and Light.

Answer: Hello, dear one. Thank you for bringing forth your question. Alana feels much desire to connect with you and to also confirm that what you imagine and what you dream is a reality and does exist. When we lose someone to the other side who is very close and very dear to us, this brings us to a place within our heart. We tap into a reservoir that lies deep within us. When we move into this reservoir, it opens doors to new realms and new possibilities.

It feels that you connected to the depths of your heart, and through this you opened a doorway or a pathway where you can communicate with the more subtle and non physical vibrations. Alana wishes to encourage you to sense, feel, and note what your spirit guide and those on the other side wish to share with you. It does not matter if you bring what is shared to full consciousness in the way of actually knowing what is communicated. It has more to do with feelings and senses. Alana wishes to say to you, the more a person develops their attention and intention in this area, the clearer the messages will be.

Each individual senses and interprets the non-visible in their own unique ways. How one person conveys or interprets non physical helpers might be different than another person. You have your own individual experience. Bask in it. Enjoy it because it brings you blessings, it brings you comfort. That is how you can tell if it is real, because spirit guides, angels, angelic messengers, and your individual helpers will come to you in ways that feel like an expansion in your heart, or bring about a sense of bliss or comfort. That is how you can tell it is real.

If you get a sense of fear, or fear ever comes into your body, just check it out with your mind. See if it is your mind's need to create clarity, or if you are sensing that something is not quite right. Alana feels that your skills and your nature are quite angelic. Therefore any guides that come to you feel like they will be of light.

So dear one, keep on your path. Just keep opening to these beautiful guided subtle energies and continue to feel blessed. By turning towards that which brings you joy, you let the universe know how to bring you more joy. By focusing on love and light, you create a path for love and light to find you. What you give outwardly comes back to you.

Also, know that your brother dear, is very well. He is comforted as well, and is expanding his journey. He is delighted to be at a place where he has many resources and many friends to be with. He feels like he is encouraged to study and play, and it even feels that music is an interest of his.

Thank you, dear one, for bringing forth your special question and yes, the nonphysical is very much alive.