Connecting to Your Heart Through Reiki

Question: I was using Reiki energy on myself one night when I felt a presence in my room. I felt the energy was one of my guides so I asked for a name and I heard Alana. I have heard about your site from my siste. Can you tell me if this information is correct? If so, any suggestions on developing my connection?

Answer: Hello dear one. Alana is delighted to feel your tone and vibration and I am very happy to hear your question. First of all, I feel the energy within your environment was one of love. It does feel like the energy was a guide, an expression that is here to assist you and to always be beside you.

The name Alana, came to you was a mirror of your own heart. It is a tonal vibration that connects you with your guide so their vibration can communicate. Also to help you get a sense of your unique, special nature. Yes, it is Alana connecting to a guide vibration that mirrors your heart. And, therefore, Alana and you are connected.

So, thank-you dear one for your beautiful question. Keep doing your beautiful Reiki Healing. Continue to share your love in the world and all will benefit. You are a grand healer dear one.