Soul Groups and Beings

Question: I have always dreamt of white hair people with amethyst eyes. Who are they? There have been three main people that I have seen, and I have even seen others. One was an older type man, the other a younger man. Of late a bald headed man, but he was like the others. Any ideas of who they are? Thank you for your time and be blessed.

Answer: Hello, dear one! Thank you for this question. You know, there are many different soul groups and collective individuals. Some beings have a blue tone to their skin and a blue vibration and aura. Some beings have more of a gold tone to their skin and more of a golden glow. It feels that what you are describing, dear one, is a similar thing, a collective group of individuals that have a similar intent and purpose.

You know, before we are in our bodies in the earth plane we have encountered existences in different realms. Perhaps we have existed in different planetary systems and universes, you see, and different times, the past and future, and all of this. So, what Alana feels is that you are tapping into a collective vibration that you are also a part of, that you have some sense of experience, or it could be that this collective energy or these collective vibrations want to connect with you and that you therefore have a similar intent.

Now, let Alana take a moment and feel this vibration. It feels that there is a desire to bring forth an awareness of time travel. What Alana means, is it feels that these beings, or this race of collective energy, wants to bring forth an awareness that we can travel through time. Time travel can occur in our dreams as well. You see, when we are in the dream state we can move from one dimension into another dimension. We can move from past to future. It feels that these energies have this ability within them and they can even be birthed within a body on the earth plane if they choose to do so.

So, I feel that perhaps some of what you will recognize in this life is an attraction to the possibility of time travel. Or the possibility of being in different dimensions simultaneously, and all of this wonderful fun information. So, dear one, enjoy your experiences and your awareness. Recognize that whenever we create an awareness it is because there is something that we can learn. Also, there is something that we can share and teach.

Thank you, dear one, for your question.