Overcoming Grief

Question: Dear Alana, In the past two years I have buried my natural grandpa, 2 other (not so close) grandpas, my younger brother and most recently my father. In between these deaths my mother had a heart attack, our house was raided, and my family is being sued on a bogus suit. In addition, I am getting small flashes of my lost childhood. In all of this I only pray for some type of release. I truly wish to die yet I don't have the courage to take my life in fear of never seeing my brother again. I don't remember much of my childhood but I do know that my little brother was my only true bond, my protector, my world. We were 17 months apart and I don't know where to go with out him. I am more accepting of my father's death because he is free from pain and he is with my brother. I don't know where to begin rebuilding. Any direction would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Answer: Hello, dear one! Thank you for your question. Alana can feel the complications that exist within you in the way of so many emotions connected to the physical situations that have happened in your life.

Yes! It is very difficult when our body mourns. Also, when we have so much grief within us of losing loved ones that are close to us. Loved ones who bring up much about our connection with God and the fact that we are all one. So, dear one, Alana suggests that you find ways to help you channel your emotions and the grief that exists within you. You can create physical tools to help you channel the energy. Like taking up playing tennis, or going for a swim. Something where your physical body gets to have vibrancy and energy moving through it. This will help you release some of the energy that is stuck in pain.

You can also practice breathing in light and exhaling the pain and sadness from you. Another thing that Alana suggests is that you find a delightful support group. Find people in your environment that have similar losses, because it is very important in times like this to have support so that you have a feeling of connection. Find a person to help you facilitate your emotions, especially thoughts and emotions that are beginning to bubble up from your past. A facilitator is a wonderful tool to have and you can interview a few until you find one that you feel is blended in heart and has deep compassion.

Another thing Alana feels in listening to your question is that I want to remind you that when we pass to the other side it creates another type of life and that life does go on. Your dear brother vibration is still connected to you. Think of him now more as a guide, more as a spirit guide on the other side that will help you and guide you. He is still there for you. You can continue to see him with light and continue to send love to him. This will help his path on the other side, and the love that you send him will support him as well.

So, yes, in the physical it appears that you are separate. But, please know that we are all one. When we pass to the other side we do not forget our loved ones. We do not stray from them. We remain with those we love in thought.

Dear one, you brother has a message for you. It feels that he wants to tell you to be strong, and to remember that you are living your life because you have much to do and you have much to contribute to the world from your presence. In your life you are going to teach people how to find love and how life is a treasure to hold dear to one's heart.

He encourages you to continue your education, and continue to follow your creativity as well. You see, you have a place in the world, and now you have many helpers on the other side that seek to support you. As you go through your healing time you will begin to remember more and more about why you are here and what purpose you have.

So, dear one, yes--it does seem like a dark time in your life but the strength that will serve you from this time will actually turn out to be a very dynamic transition for you. Thank you for your question, and keep turning toward the light, keep your eyes on the horizon of where you want to go and know that you have many guides and helpers that want to be present with you

Thank you, dear one, for your question.