Spirit Guides Respond to Self Love

Question: I have had intuitive experiences all my life, even before I knew what they were. I have met many dear and loving spirits from the other side who are so guiding and caring that I have come to trust them. However, as far as serious study, I am an infant. Also, I am under serious stress from an extreme family crisis in my own life. I could really use some additional means of boosting my own energies so I can hear and see my spiritual guides, but I am so exhausted. How can I increase my energies, at least until my own physical and mental strength returns? I miss the love and warmth I felt from my guides.

Answer: Hello, dear one! It is delightful to receive your question.

Right now, it feels like what is occurring in the situation in your life is that your light vibration is becoming a little bit more concentrated. When we are in situations where there is stress around us, it impacts our light. It dims our nature and makes it harder for us to be at a vibration where we can hear the more subtle energies around us.

Spirit guides and energies that operate in the non-visible realms are within a frequency that is less dense, or lighter, than when we are in our physical body. To be able to hear, connect, and sense your wonderful spiritual helpers in greater ways, you have to be at a place within your vibration that is lighter.

~~ That is why laughter is so important.

~~ That is why joy is so important.

~~ That is why self-care is so important.

The more we nourish our own individual natures, the more love comes into our vibration, and the more we can tap into our vast resources. Of these resources, some are your guides, angels, and non-visible friends.

Dear one, Alana suggests that you take a look at your life. Look at your environment, look at your home, and look at the vibrations that exist around you. Because you see...

...what you spin with spins with you.

When you introduce the density of your surroundings into your vibration, you experience the density in your vibration as well.

Alana suggests simplifying and letting go of the vibrations that dim your light. Begin to sort through what is in your environment and say no when you need to. Begin to turn your intention towards nourishing yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually on all levels. This will enhance your light, enhance your vibration, and help you lift your frequency. You will begin aligning with the spiritual realms. Doing so will nourish you.

One of our greatest opportunities in life is to devote ourselves to self-love. As we nourish ourselves, we become vaster in our natures and can contribute more.

To make a difference in the world--in the ways that feel like your heart desires--then take good care of yourself, dear one. You will then find that you can do greater work in the world. By doing greater work, your nature will fill itself up again and again. Do you see? This is a delightful cycle.

Thank you, dear one, for this lovely question.

-- Alana