Question: Alana I have been in a good relationship for awhile but the intimacy could be better. This question may be an odd one to ask you, but Alana I am curious to know what you think is a happy sex life? My question isn't about whether its inside or sex outside of a marriage relationship, but really just about your perspective. Thank you, for taking the time to share your thoughts from a spiritual perspective.

Answer: Hello dear one! Thank you for bringing forth your universal question. The subject of sexuality is one that I am sure is in the minds of many and felt in the hearts of all. Your question is one that is not easy to answer in one single sentence.

A happy sex life is an individual feeling and an individual description that is held in one's heart. Everyone has different preferences and different ways of experiencing sexual fulfillment. Alana senses that what a happy sex life is for one individual may not be necessarily be happy for another. Sexual creation isn't just about yourself but gaining fulfillment through sexual partnership.

First, what Alana would suggest is begin by getting to know what fulfillment means to you. In other words, explore your sexuality through your thoughts, imagination, ideals, and fantasies. Ask yourself what creates stability for you. Explore through your mind and explore in your heart. Get in touch with what sexual happiness is for you. Then ask your partner to do the same thing. As two people come together and communicate their ideals about sexual fulfillment, satisfaction, exploration, and happiness, they have a greater idea of how to co-create together sexual love that is fulfilling for both of them.

Also, Alana feels that a great satisfying experience on a sexual level usually needs to be blended with the heart and love for it to really thrive. There can be sexual satisfaction on some levels but to enjoy highly sexually fulfilling experiences, sexuality and sensuality need to be blended with emotions of the heart for a heightened experience.

Alana feels that a happy sex life is one where two individuals come together and communicate their feelings, senses, and ideas in an open way. They create agreements to support each other in their ideals. This is what Alana senses is probably one of the best descriptions that Alana can give since I am really your collective heart seeking love. I do appreciate your question very much and hope that it has given you some information that is useful for you and those with whom you share love. Thank you dear one.

-- Alana