Sex and Religion

Question: Why is sexuality such an issue in religion and the world? Various religions treat sex as evil yet others embrace it. What is it? Good, evil, right, wrong, and why? Most people, seem to view sex as wrong outside of marriage, yet they give in to their desires and then condemn themselves as being weak. So, if its wrong, why? If not then, why? If something else, then what?

Answer: Hello dear one. Alana feels that you would make a great philosopher because your question is worded with the tone of a philosopher.

Sexuality is a very interesting subject. One thing Alana can tell you is the reason religion has some problems with sexuality is because religion, for the most part, benefits by having power over people. Sensuality and sexuality are energies that are very powerful. Therefore, any collective that wants to control does not necessarily want to give that much power away.

Alana feels that sexuality is a very important expression because we are in the body and are physical beings. Therefore, it is very important not to negate any aspect of our creative being. Alana wants to acknowledge and embrace all aspects of our nature including sensualness and sexuality as well.

Sexuality is also an individual expression. Some people are more sexual than other people. Everybody has to find their own values and find where there sensual nature exists within them. Healthy sexuality is very important to have. This is because it brings about the alignment of feminine and masculine vibrations within ones self. It also supports the vibrancy and energy that runs through the body. Alana feels the more an individual can tune into what is important to them and explore their own sense of self they will discover much about themselves.

Sexuality also is an an important part of relationships and learning how to relate to others. Through partnership relationships can begin to explore this subject together. It is a spiritually delightful way to share intimacy. Of course there is responsibility that comes with this subject and a sense of respect for others as well.

When sexuality is not respected by one partner not understanding the other partners needs and values it brings up the subject of power again. Therefore, sexuality can be confussing. The best advice Alana can give is for individuals to really tune into their own distinct expression and nature. Then communicate and learn how to respect each other. Thank you for your question. It is delightful and Alana appreciates that you asked it.