Creating Relationships

Question: I have only had one or two friends and have never fallen in love and had a long term relationship. There has been a lot of crushes, but nothing positive or fulfilling has come out of it. I'm starting to wonder if I am going to be alone for the rest of my life, which does seem depressing. Can you tell me why I have been unable to find a loving partner. Why have I been this way and if this situation (meaning the no-friends, no-love situation) will change? I am having a hard time having a positive attitute about the future.

Answer: Hello dear one! Thank you for your question. Alana is happy that you brought it forth.

When a person recognizes that they are a sensitive individual and someone who has a very observing nature, often it takes a little more concentration or energy to extend one's energy, aura, and vibration. Often sensitive individuals can melt a little bit into the background and not quite be visible. It is sometimes like being invisible, you know? So, Alana wants to encourage your sensitivity, intuition, and your creativity. I also feel that it would be wonderful if you could begin to ask yourself some fun creative questions.

Ask yourself what are some vocational interests?

What are some hobbies that are of interest?

And what are some skills that you would like to develop?

Then perhaps, take some steps to develop them.

Alana feels that your light and aura wants to shine more so that people can find you; And that your confidence wants to develop more. So, perhaps you could take up a speaking or an acting class, or a singing class. A singing class would be delightful because it would help you project your voice and your energy. It would help the beautiful energy that channels through you find a way to also express in the world.

I feel your vibration much like an angel, dear one. I feel that you have a grand connection with the spirit world in a wonderful way. There is much that wants to be brought through you. I feel that your nature is learning a little bit more about courage, a little bit more about risk, and is also finding that you do not have to be right to experience life.

Life is really about trials and errors. It is about experiences, and it is about getting to know who you are. The more that you allow yourself to step into your vibration while bringing along your delightful sensitivity, you will find you have a within you a great voice. One that does want to express. As this expression occurs your light will brighten. You will begin to attract more relationships into your life. People will see your brilliance and want to share of your light.

So, thank you dear one for bringing this question forth. I am so happy that you did and hope that the vocational, hobby, and creative interests will brighten your light to draw a love interest your way.