Finding Career Direction

Question: Alana, I could use some career coaching. I'm lost for a direction in my career. My temp job is due to end soon. I am a trained masseuse and do Indian Head Massage, neither of which I practice at present. I have done crystal and energy healing in the past, but no longer do it now. I currently do office work and I am getting considerably depressed. I consider myself a fairly spiritual person, but I am at a crossroads in my career. Financially I'm in debt and lost as to which way to make a living as the transition to re-train is daunting. I don't know what area of healing to go into. Could you please help me with this career change?

My question is, do I work part time and continue the search that has already lasted ten years? Or, do I accept that my daily work will never bring be any form of joy or happiness. I know the heart answer but the reality of it is impractical. Please help as I am going crazy and would love finding a home business career.

Answer: Hello. Thank you for your question. You know, I feel like your question is quite a dilemma for you. I also have much compassion for your situation. But I do want you to know that the more you begin to take baby steps by enticing yourself to follow your dreams and heart, the more momentum you will create. Then the ability to attract an occupation, home business career, and life purpose in alignment with who you are will begin to occur.

So, yes dear one, this is kind of like a dance. It is a dance of doing some things to maintain your sovereignty and at the same time allowing yourself to feel who you really are. Often, when an individual doesn't have an awareness of their life purpose, it is because they have yet to allow the resistance of knowing who they really are to move up and out of the way. They are judging themselves. In other words, they are interpreting what they think others are thinking, or interpreting the limitations that others believe, and they are taking these thoughts into their own nature. They are believing them as well.

What I would like to encourage you to do, is create a project for yourself. Call this project a creative endeavor. You are going to explore who you really are. You are going to take some time to ask yourself some serious questions. The basis of these serious questions is: "What do you like to play at?" (Get serious about playing!) So, this is how I want you to be serious.

I want you to be serious in discovering more about what brings you joy...

~~what you like to play at, ~~what you like to do, ~~how you like to express, ~~what makes you feel the most comfortable, ~~when you feel the most relaxed, ~~and what kind of people you like to be with.

What I am getting at, is the more that you fill yourself up with pleasure, joy, and anticipation of self discovery, then the more that doors will begin to open. This is because you will be creating an impression that the universe can read and begin to reply to.

Yes, in the meantime, continue with a vocation that gives you a sense of security. But at the same time explore; really explore. You may find journaling will be great. You might find a book at your bookstore that will be about creative exploration. You can attract resources that will help you to get in touch with your own individual mission.

As you become clearer about what you have delight in and what you enjoy expressing, you will begin drawing tools, modalities, and opportunities to you to fulfill your passions. This question is really about passion, dear one. Do not put your dreams, visions, and the essence that is within you in the drawer. Open the drawer and see what lies inside.

You see, Alana feels that our future ahead is about this very thing. It is about more people becoming fully honest with themselves and really allowing themselves to fully express who they are. What will happen when individuals are without suppression, is abundance will become much more evident in everyone's life. So, if you want abundance, then begin to explore what brings you joy.

Thank you for this question dear one and I do appreciate it very much.

-- Alana