Finding Purpose Through Community

Question: Alana, I am wanting your spiritual insight on how I am doing with personal self development.

Do you have any recommendations or suggestions for me on what I might do to better prepare myself for helping other people.

I feel an urge to make a difference and feel that helping is part of my life path. I sure could use some personal coaching on how to find more ways to be effective.

Answer: Hello, dear one! Thank you for your question.

When Alana felt your question, I felt a very dear being. I want to acknowledge the delight that Alana feels within you.

Alana feels though, that you have not really awaken to who you fully are, or recognized the capabilities that lie within you. I feel your kindness and your awareness about being a good person. But, I do not feel that you have yet found ways to fully build your confidence and extend yourself in the world.

So, I suggest that you begin to challenge yourself a little more. Begin to challenge yourself by asking yourself what you have wanted to do but have never done.

Then begin to explore things that are exciting to you. Take a little bit more of a risk.

Perhaps, you could find a group with whom you could volunteer and do some work that allows you to develop some more skills. Also, perhaps take a class in public speaking and learn how to project your voice, move out of your body, so you can begin to be more authentically who you are.

In sensing your nature, it feels like when you were growing up, that your parents were very busy or they didn't know how to give you enough recognition. Therefore, it left an impression in you of feeling quite sensitive, which maybe lead to you to not fully get a glimpse of who you innately are. So, do, dear one, join some groups where you get to contribute and you will connect with your talents as you do.

Also find various hobbies or interests where you can cultivate your skills and and other beings will begin to see who you really are. This will help you gain validation.

By taking actions in these areas you will find that your energy builds, and you begin to recognize that you have more power within than you may have realized.

As you are connected deeper to the essence of who you are, your spirituality will blossom as well. As this occurs, your light will shine brighter. As your light shines brighter, then people in the world will begin to notice you in greater ways.

You will attract more love. Love will come into your life. It feels like you are waiting for your nature to show up fully before you bring someone into your life, because you want them to match the vibration of who you are becoming.

Thank you, dear one, for your question. Alana appreciates it very much.