Reclaiming Personal Power After a Break Up

Question: Hi Alana, I have recently had a realtionship break up and this has left me wondering if it is really over between us.

I would really would like to know if my boyfiend will come back to me.

Can you provide me with some insight or can you tell if we will get back together again?

Answer: Hello, dear one. Thank you for presenting your question to Alana heart. With a relationship break up comes an incredible opportunity. As I sit within this question Alana will sense that which is missing in one's self to feel such a deep, deep longing.

Dear one, know that you are a delightful whole person. What Alana means, is when one feels such a deep longing as you do, it is like a piece of one's nature feels cut off. When feeling like this we cannot experience our whole being without another.

As Alana goes into your nature to attempt to answer and provide insight to your question, Alana feels a great desire to also assist you in self discovery. This way you may feel whole without another, or a romatic relationship. I wish to assist you in healing the scarcity of love that is felt within you as you are yearning to be reconnected with your boyfriend. I am not saying that he is not for you. But I would rather choose to focus on you so we discover more of your personal power for creating love.

I can feel that as you learn more about loving yourself while connecting to the parts of you that feel like they are in a void, you will begin to vibrate to feel a deeper connection to love. This vibration will attract love back into your heart. Attracting external love has much to do with you becoming the vibration of what you would cherish.

Now your mind may say, "But hey, all I really want is to have this person back into my life so that we can create memories together like the memories I am in reverie with". I wish to tell you that the possibility of bringing back this type of love comes first from you igniting a spark within you. In this way you will feel love and know love exists within you. Once the spark is lit and you feel your true essence you can begin to fuel the love by creating deeper understandings within yourself of how to be honest and aware of who you are.

Next, you will begin to grow in dynamic ways. The personal growth you will experience will fill in the emptiness. You will reconnect with your inner power. You will find excitement coming into your life in new ways because you will be finding new interests. You will find interests that stimulate you and bring you excitment. The interests will feel lively for you and they will bring new energy into your body. By these actions, your whole energy will shift and the possibility of reuniting with someone as (name withheld) will be a grander possibility.

Also remember to say to your self, "Please bring back this relationship or something better". One never knows fully what life has ahead, except that life does bring what one thinks. Therefore, if you think of yourself as being disconnected then you will get more lonliness. If you begin to see yourself as connected then you will fuel possiblities for connection

So, align yourself with parts of you that have been held outside of yourself and have determined another individual will complete you. Find your wholeness within. You will find that love will come to you through another individual seeking to co-create life with you rather than creating life from dependency. You see, the power to know love sits within one's self. The power to have love sits within one's self. Another can never make you whole because you will always wonder, what if they leave me, then I will not be whole. Therefore, you will have the same dilemmas that exist within you now.

Hopefully, dear one this has given you an idea of how you can reconnect the parts within you that have such deep longing. This way you can bring love back into your life in ways that you desire.

Thank you for your question.