Womens Relationship Advice

Question: I am currently drawn to someone I have a connection with and that I feel has the same feelings. Trouble is, it's very difficult because of who he is and the obstacles involved, such as distance and not being able to spend time with him alone. Am I just "going down the garden path" or is there some credence to this relationship?

Answer: Thank you for your question, dear one. Alana feels that you are learning much about your emotions, about love, about your heart, and about what pleases you. Also, about the qualities that exist within you that you would like mirrored back to you. It feels that this person is a mirror for you to see the beauty within you. Yet, they are someone that you only get to view partially. What I mean by this is they are someone who can only mirror back to you parts of yourself, and with a quality of safety. Since your life conditions are somewhat difficult now, you are only mirrored back yourself in gentle ways.

Perhaps what would be really exciting for you would be to go within yourself and ask a series of questions about what you feel a significant relationship would be like. You could ask questions like these:

-- What do I feel a significant relationship could bring to me?

-- What do I feel I could bring to a significant relationship?

Thinking in this way puts the advice and power of creating the relationship within you. This will give you more information and assist you in realizing those qualities for which you are looking outside of yourself. As you become clearer about what a relationship has in store for you, and become clearer about what you want, you will receive the answer in how to pursue this person. Engaging in this questioning process will even give you more understanding, more confidence, and a greater sense of knowledge in how to take the next step.

Continue to look within yourself for answers. From there, the answers will help you know how and when to communicate your thoughts in deeper ways. It will tell you if you are ready to take a risk. Recognize that love is always there for you. The willingness to allow love to come in, the more that you open up to love--and that includes loving yourself--the more love can come into you from outer forms.

These are some practical steps to help you move toward clarity. I feel they will give you insight in how to pursue this situation. You can find insight about whether the obstacles that appear in the outer world are really about the outer world, or if they have more to do with you. You are on the right track because you are opening up to more love.

Thank you, dear one. Alana appreciates your question very much. Do know that Alana is always available to be within your heart as well.

-- Alana