Long Term Relationship Advice

Question: Dear Alana, As you cast about in the universe, would you please offer me some insights about my next steps? It seems that I am still questioning my relationship commitment with my partner. We have been together for awhile, and I am wondering if we are meant to be together long term. I am wondering what choice I will make. Can you help?

Answer: Hello, dear one. It is delightful to experience connecting with you in this way. Remember, Alana is heart, therefore I am always with you. I am very excited that you bring forth this question in words, so that Alana can also be with you in words.

As I am feeling and sensing this question, I hear that you are eager to grow. Or, I shall say, it feels that you are excited about possibilities that may lay ahead in your future--that your being is desiring to open up to new horizons.

As we experience life we see many, many sunsets. We forget sometimes to awaken early so that we may view the sunrise. I am feeling that your nature is wanting to see the sunrise.

What I mean by this is: A sunset is a metaphor for gratefulness as seen as a completion -- looking back at the completion of a day and the beauty that it beholds.

A sunrise is an expression of awakening a new aspect in our nature -- looking forward to a new day, a new expression, and beholding the beauty of the possibilities that may awaken along with the morning light.

For you, dear one, it is sunrise time.

This is time for you to broaden your nature by asking yourself some questions like:

"What would a new experience be that would invoke greater joy or possibility within me?"

Now sit with this thought for a moment and allow yourself to fantasize through your answers.

What I mean by this is to allow your thoughts to circle the globe, so to speak, and continue to see the sunrise from many different points of view. Go into different parts of your nature and play with the sunrise.

Play with what these new possibilities might look like in many different forms. The variety and the ability of your imagination to do this will give you much information.

This will help you see your life in a fresh new way. It is true that every morning you awaken is a brand new day and your life is a new again.

I encourage you to be creative with this process by allowing and giving yourself permission to see expanded possibility. You will still have many sunsets, but it is time to focus on the sunrise so you can sense more of your being!

With this approach, I think you will gain greater clarity on how to create sunrises within your life. This exercise can help you see the way you view your relationship in a new light. This may recreate how you view your relationship as it moves the focus from him to you.

A new perspective often shifts perceptions and creates renewal within the spirit which ripples through all.

Thank you, dear one, for this beautiful question.

-- Alana