Communication and Loving Relationships

Question: Alana, I am wondering if I have finally found my soul mate. Can you tell how long my current relationship last and if he really is the love of my life?

Answer: Thank you for your question, Dear One. Alana is very excited for you as you are learning much about creating a soul mate. Your being has been learning more and more about the depths of love and about the ways that we relate with one another. You have been learning about ways to allow more and more love into your life. I wish to congratulate you for creating more places, more spaces, and more ways for you to love yourself. From this gesture, from this contribution you have made to your self, this is where the relationship that you have created now has come from. This is why this person that you have in your life desires to also appreciate you. They wish to acknowledge you for your sincerity, for your beauty, and for your honesty.

Your nature has become much more honest. Honest in the way that you are communicating, that you are acknowledging, and that you are apologizing less for who you are. You are a grand being. You are an expression of light and an expression of love. Therefore, I can say that this relationship is a direct manifestation of the work that you have done. Now, whether this is the love of your life, that is entirely up to the co-creation of both of you. However, you do have a grand start. And you are both working towards learning more about what pleases each other, what pleases yourself, and how to co-create together with an experience that does not suppress or stifle. So keep on your path, keep growing, keep creating more understanding as to what brings you joy and continue to express yourself.

Communication is the secret to creating a life-long love. So, as you continue to communicate, as you continue to hold compassion for yourself, as you continue to understand the needs of others, and also hold dear the needs that you have, you will find that your values will not lead you astray. You will see that the love in your life continues to grow, continues to expand and you will have more and more. Thank you dear one for holding this vision.