Single and Looking for a Soul Mate

Question: Hi Alana, I have often attempted to talk with you, as you have said, just as if I was picking up a telephone. I do not hear your voice (except for one time during my morning pages when your voice appeared and then later those pages magically disappeared). I realize that time to you is much different than it is for me and yet since I have been in (city withheld) I have made major changes. Now that I feel I am able to communicate on an intimate level that I never could before, I am still not meeting that special person, that soul mate that I have been searching for. It is maddening, frustrating and bewildering to me that no matter how much I ask, my prayers go unanswered. I just don't know what to do. It is a deep loneliness and I am tired of being a single male. What practical advice do you have for me in finding the girl whose my soul mate?

Answer: Thank you dear one for your question, and thank your for your sincere desire to share all that you are with another. The first part of your question expresses connecting with Alana in tone. Recognize that when Alana is present it may not sound like Alana talking to you as in tone (hearing a voice). Perhaps the way Alana speaks to you is through a sensation within your body and a feeling of expansion. You may find that heart may appear in little messages of rhyme, or may appear as a nudge or a feeling. Perhaps it may come as a stream of thoughts that come into your mind about something you are creating. Alana is with you because Alana is your heart, just like Alana is the heart of all. There is no way that we could ever be separated.

Now to answer your precious question regarding connecting with a soul mate--connecting with someone who is special. I do want you to know that your prayers are being heard and your prayers will be answered. Sometimes we set up, prior to coming into this life, a great priority. Like a desire to learn and expand ourselves. Sometimes we set a certain priority for ourselves that we wish to achieve, and wish to grow into, so we may understand ourselves before we move on to the next thing.

Dear one, when I feel you, I feel that the waiting to meet your soul mate has something to do with this: that you are learning more and more how to let go of your past; how to let go of your mind. By that Alana means letting go of the old beliefs that have kept you feeling separate. You are learning more and more about your creativity, learning more and more about ways to express. Like you said, you are getting deeper and deeper into the depths of your emotions. By this you will continue to unravel the desires that you had before this life and the awareness that you wish to remember.

I feel that in this life you will not remain single for the rest of your life, as you will meet your soul mate. I feel that it is just a matter of time. I do feel that it probably has something to do with healing the sense of separation that you have felt within yourself. The more and more that you see yourself as an instrument of God’s love--you may call it a being of light, or you may call it a being of universal wisdom--you will become confident in yourself as a channel. As you become confident in yourself as a being of love, your confidence will then permeate your entire existence. From this place you will attract to you, in the right time, this soul mate vibration. I can tell you she will be very special. She will be very similar. She also has gone through a great yearning to find you. So hold true to your thoughts and continue to manifest your dreams. Continue to realize that you’re an instrument of light, a vessel, a vehicle to hold love, and you will find this truth. You will find this beautiful relationship. It will come into your life.

You are the kind of being that will create a mate that you will be with for a long time. So when it comes, it will be worth waiting for. Thank you for all that you demonstrate. Thank you for your desire to unravel the images that have kept you feeling separate, so that you may recognize that you are one and that you are whole. Also, that you are full and that you deserve great joy. Keep your faith, even in times that you feel sad. Remember to look up and be grateful for things that are surrounding you. Your gratefulness is also fuel for your creations.

Thank you dear one.