What are SoulMate Relationships?

Question: My question is about soul mates and how does one know if they have met one? Is the soul mate relationship one in which the flow of love is easy and effortless? If there are challenges and conflicts in the relationship, does this mean that a person is not your soul mate and what is the relationship like?

Answer: Thank you for this beautiful question. Soul Mates are an experience. You will find that throughout your life, you will have many, many opportunities to connect with, or link up with, those that you have had experiences with before. It may have been in other planes of existence, in other lives, or in many other ways. So yes, you could call many of these relationships soul mates.

When two people connect and have a feeling of familiarity or a sense that they are connected for some reason other than they can imagine or know with their minds, often it is because they have soul mate qualities. You can even make a new soul mate in this life if you choose. So, let us create clarity with this question of, "What is a soul mate?"

A soul mate is a person or a being that you have a connection with from a soul level. I'm defining soul connection as being of greater expression, greater desire, or greater connection than just the purpose of connecting in your physical body. Soul mates come in many expressions.

When you do connect with someone with whom you have created a soul agreement to come together--to acknowledge one another--it can be an easy experience. Or, it can be a difficult experience. It depends on what you both decide you want to co-create and why you both came together.

Sometimes soul mates come together to wake each other up. Sometimes that can be a painful experience. Sometimes soul mates come together because they have achieved great heights. They have manifested great awarenesses in previous lives and are coming together in this life to celebrate and to bring forth more light upon this planet.

You see, we also have soul-groups. I bet that you can recognize many people that are in your soul-group already. However, I get a feeling that this questioner has more personal love interests in mind.

Yes, you can connect with a person that has the qualities of a soul mate, and they can be a significant relationship in the love interest area. Yes, you can create a relationship that flows easily and effortlessly. In this relationship there may be an awareness that you perhaps have differences. There may also be a willingness to create a place to allow each other to have their individual expression without feeling that one's nature needs to react because of lack or scarcity. That will allow the relationship to flow.

You will find that when two people come together who are soul mates, they will have made an agreement to benefit each other and to help in each other's lives in some way. Through their compatibilities, you will usually find they have a spiritual connection as their primary attraction. Then it will blend on an emotional level, and then you will find the mental. The last level to be discovered between soul mates is often the physical connection. Sometimes there will be a spark placed there to create the attraction so that you may find each other again. We are in a body, yes!? Therefore, the physical cannot be left out.

I hope this description aids all in finding the love they are seeking. Thank you.