Advice on Relationships with a Married Men

Question: I'm in love with a man who is absolutely wonderful to me, that is when I see him. Unfortunately, that is not very often, because he is married. He tells me that he loves me and that he is only staying with his wife because of their children. I am beginning to wonder if I'll ever be married with children myself. I really love him, but will I ever be married? And if so, will it be him, and will it be soon? I feel like my biological clock is running out!

Answer: Hello, dear one. Alana appreciates your question and your desire to share love. In listening to your question, Alana goes into your nature and feels your greatest desires and intention that brought forth this relationship into your life.

It feels that part of your desire in creating this relationship was so that you could have the experience and practice what it is like to share love in a way that brings about safety.

You are in a relationship where surrender to the greatest depths is not quite possible. You can surrender physically, and you can surrender emotionally, but the attachments that exist with this man keeps you both from being able to surrender to each other. What this brings about, in a sense, is a type of safety for you. You cannot be fully alone, and fully without the experience of being alone, because you cannot be fully committed. Because this relationship has a safety valve in it, you do get the experience of sharing love, but not the full experience.

What Alana would ask you to do is to really go into your nature and see if you are ready now to bring about love into your life that could go to the next level. If so, you must be willing and open to trust that it is possible for you.

When you are in a relationship with another individual, you spin with their vibration and their vibration spins with you. What happens is you are not just spinning with the vibration of this gentleman, you are also spinning with the vibration of the collective energy of his family. This creates some complexity to your own individual vibration. It makes it harder for you to become a clear signal as to what is possible in your life.

As you create greater self-definition, you will find that greater possibilities to attract deeper fulfillment in your life will arise. Alana encourages you to get more in touch with what you really want. Once you do, begin to turn towards this and trust your ability to create it. You already know now, through this experience, that you can find fulfillment, you can be adored, and love can come to you.

As you are ready, and only when you are ready, you can open up to greater possibility to take a relationship to the next step. Yes, Alana sees that marriage and children are a possibility for you. But you must become committed to allowing it in your life before it will happen.

Thank you, dear one, for your question. Alana appreciates the genuine desire that exists within your heart to hold love, have love, and also be someone to give love.