Pursuing Love Relationships

Question: I recently fell in love with a man for the first time in my life. He closed the door on our relationship, but I can't. I've been doing TM meditation for 30 years, he is into Gurumiya, Siddha Meditation and other different paths, yet we have the same goal. I want to be with him. If I don't make the first attempt, will he ever again contact me? I don't want to pursue him if he doesn't want me. Thank you.

Answer: Hello dear one. Alana appreciates your question of your desire for this love relationship and I can feel the depth within your heart. It feels dear one, that you are at a place within your life of learning greatly and vastly about the connections that exist between all of humankind. As you experience the sadness that exists within your heart through losing a friend on the physical level--not being able to communicate and see them--this brings about a stirring deep within your heart. The stirring wishes to lead you to, and evoke within you, a greater connection of how we are all connected, even when we are not engaged physically. Alana encourages you to be grateful for what you have experienced, and be grateful for the experiences of finding the love that was brought to you in this way.

Begin your meditations by dwelling on gratefulness. Begin to tell the universe how grateful you are for the experiences of love that you have shared. By honoring your sadness and honoring your pain, and then aligning your thoughts with the gratefulness that you hold within you for having these experiences, you tell the universe what you value. You tell the universe what you want more of. If you stop with the pain and do not go the next step to gratefulness, you tell the universe that you want more of the pain. Do you see?

Yes, your question appears to be about this other individual, but Alana wants to point you back into yourself in ways to fill the vast hole that exists within you. By doing this, you begin to transform this experience into a message to the universe. You tell the universe that love is worth it; that love is something that you value and something that you desire. Now, guess what? Love will find it's way to you!

Remember when one door closes, many more doors open. Alana feels that this individual came into your life to show you that you have the capacity to love and the ability to attract partnership. Now that you have learned this, guess what? You can take your experience to another level!

There are many possible vibrations out there. There are many more soul mate vibrations for you than you could possibly imagine. So congratulations dear one! You have loved and you can love again. Alana feels that as you fill yourself up and as you turn towards gratefulness--recognizing that this is an abundant universe--that possibilities are endless.

This person will enter your life again. Perhaps you may just be friends, but it is delightful to share friendship as well. But who knows what lies ahead? It is up to you. You create the future from your thoughts in the now. Send a message to the universe that love is a beacon of light. Become grateful for what you have experienced. Alana knows that you are, but I am encouraging you to create a pattern, to create an image of love so that the universe can bring you more.

Thank you dear one.