Making Love Last

Question: My wife says she no longer loves me and did not want to marry me even though it was her who pursued me. We have a child and I am sad that I will lose him and feel cheated by my wife. Please advise the best way to go forward from here.

Answer: Hello, dear one! Alana feels your question and senses the devotion and love within your heart.

When we co-mingle our energies in a relationship there are many different expressions that occur. Often, one person views a situation one way and the other person sees it differently. So, what Alana is saying is that the only way to create truth within a relationship is to know yourself and for you to really pay attention to what your needs are. Pay attention to what your nature is, what you value, and communicate this back to your wife. In other words, the more that your communication opens and the more that you share who you are, the greater understanding she will have as to who you are. Communication is one of our greatest assets. It is often something that we forget to use. It is a grand tool!

Now, sometimes it takes two to communicate. Yes? Most of the time it does. But, on the other hand, one individual communicating openly with their heart creates a doorway for the other person to begin to be honest as well. In other words, this supports two individuals communicating honestly as to what they feel and sense.

So, as Alana listens to your question, the first step is to share your thoughts and share your feelings about yourself. You see, we can hold resentments and we can hold anger and mistrust within our nature. But, by holding these within our nature and not communicating about our feelings, we take this energy into our next experiences. Or, we take them into our day to day life and they begin to flavor life as we see it. By communicating you create a release or you could say you create a doorway or an opening in your life where life begins to bring experiences providing more peace.

Alana cannot say exactly which way this relationship is going to go. Alana feels that communication on deeper levels could really benefit the way that it chooses to go and how the two of you will care for your child. Now, whether or not you two decide to work through your indifferences and to move into your heart and take your relationship to another level is up to the co-creation of the two of you. When relationships come together they are a co-creation. A relationship is two people creating together. So both of you are responsible in the way that you both have chosen to respond in the ways that you have.

Relationships are so interesting because they are our greatest joys, but they also represent some of our greatest experiences to learn through the difficulties that can arise within them. The way to find the treasures that exist within the relationship is to always communicate honestly what you feel. Honesty also starts with yourself. So, by examining who you feel you are, what you want, what are your desires, what is important to you, and expressing this, it will always open doors for you to attract your greatest possibilities.

Thank you so much for bringing forth this question. Alana wishes you well and I do feel within you that you have the knowledge to create more love.

Thank you, dear one.