Understanding Men and Intimacy

Question: I need a little help understanding men like my Jewish friend whom I met almost two months ago. Our friendship grew very vast and now he is gone. I do not know why. We are from two different worlds, he is Jewish and I am Catholic. We are also from two different ethnic groups.

The day I met him, he came out of nowhere and introduced himself to me and we exchanged numbers. He used to call me very late at night to talk. Even though I had other things to do, I made time to help him and be there for him. I thought there was some kind of connection between us despite our different ethnic backgrounds or cultures. I really thought we could or had gone past the external differences. I was also very careful when I first met him to go visit him as he would invite me to do so--unfortunately he would not or could not understand my fear of intimacy. By the time, I was ready begin a deeper relationship, he had either changed his mind about our friendship or lost interest in me.

Now, I need your help in understanding what happened to my dear friend, and why he seems to be a totally different person than the one I met. Who is he? How come he was able to shake my life up? Why did I meet him? What was the purpose of our meeting? Will I ever see him again? I miss him so much.

Answer: Hello dear one! Thank you for bringing forth your question about men and intimacy as well as friendship.

Alana senses the heart felt energy that exists within you and what the absence of your friend has brought up in your nature. Alana feels that your friend is a person that can teach you much about yourself, even in his absence. Alana also feels sometimes that our greatest teachers are people that enter our life for a short period of time and then disappear. Alana is not saying that you will never see your friend again or that you connection is insignificant. Alana is saying that you can learn much from his absence as just as you can learn from his presence.

When we have a deep connection with a person who impacts our life they become a mirror to us. They teach us a lot about what we value, what we want, what we wish, and who we feel we are. They also teach us a lot about how we feel on our own or how we feel about our own individuality. Alana senses that one of the assets or lessons that your dear friend is teaching you is how to be in the present moment. How to be in the present moment and evaluate all that exists within you in each moment, for what he has brought up within you gives you an opportunity to feel you!

Also feel what you are grateful for. When we take a look at what we are grateful for we tend to attract more gratefulness. When we look at what we lack we tend to attract more lack. So, dear one stay in the present moment with your thoughts and hold your thoughts closely. Remember the qualities that you feel are treasures. Remembering this will create a space in your life to begin to attract more treasures. These treasures may come in the forms of other people.

Alana also senses that this relationship was a bridge creating recognition that we are all human beings. We are here together, regardless of our ethnic background or our religion, striving to find connection and love. We are all beings here who are expression of God's love in a variety of ways and the key element that connects us all is love. So dear one, hold onto your values, your needs, your desires and the definition of whom you are. Know that you are a powerful individual who can attract much more love.

When you connect with your friend again, know that he is also learning much about who he is and what his life is about as well as what he wants. Therefore, just as he is a mirror for you, you are a mirror for him. You may continue to connect and learn from each other. The reason you came together perhaps, was to help each other create self awareness.

Alana wishes you well and hopes that this answer has given you some insight and understanding of why you came together. Alana does feel that you have some similar lessons in life, and that you both are learning them delightfully.

Thank you dear one for your question. Alana hopes you have received some comfort.