Dips and Valleys in Relationships

Question: Alana, my question is about love relationships. I have found my soul mate and love her dearly. We have reached a valley in our relationship and I want to be back in the mountains. Currently we are seeing a counselor or therapist who has helped us a great deal. He has helped me to feel and see the relationship we have between us. I am wanting some spiritual guidance on having our hearts dance again.

Answer: Hello dear one! It is so delightful to feel your presence and to receive your question in this way. Alana wishes to acknowledge the two of you for your commitment to love and your commitment to move beyond your current knowledge. In other words, Alana refers to the knowledge that you have held from the past and brought forward into your present moment. Your responses have come from this wisdom.

Alana senses that the two of you are wishing to become more aware of how to expand your knowledge so your beliefs will become more self-serving in a delightful way. By expanding your knowledge it will help you be more in touch with how to transform your beliefs. This will help you understand when your responses and reactions to each other are filled with an awareness of what really exists between you, rather than responses that come from the past. This is one area that Alana senses that your beliefs and your knowledge are beginning to reframe. Alana also feels that that you can continue to broaden your prospective this is the area

When you catch yourself responding in a way that does not quite please you, go into your nature. Both of you have an opportunity to go within your natures and ask yourselves what you are really responding to. What does the situation outside of yourself really remind you of? The answer to this question will give you some understanding of what your responses are really about.

Mountains and valleys exist in all relationships. They are rhythms. If you move into a valley, know that a mountain is ahead because that is the way life is. We have a rhythm that we go through. The rhythm can blend so when one is in a valley, one is happy, and when one is on the height of the mountain, one is happy. When this occurs life begins to make sense. Life begins to be a delightful blend of vibrations coming together to achieve a purpose.

What you may also do to create delight for your relationship is to continue to ask yourself what your purpose is. What is it that gives you joy? What is it that would transform your life and bring you happiness? When we surrender to possibility and when we ask ourself these important questions, it points us in directions where we can begin to create more choices. When we have opportunities in front of us that give us possibilities and choices we create growth and we feel more of our individual essence.

So, Alana feels that you are doing well. Your soul mate vibration is evident. Alana feels that the two of you have come together to challenge each other to reveal your old beliefs so you both can transform them as well as make love your primary goal. What a delightful relationship. Alana feels that you have a possible grand future if you hold your vision of joy. Alana senses that life can be very sweet again.

Thank you dear one for your question and please do ask for more clarification any time.