Joy: A Soul Mate Attraction

Question: Alana, I would love to have a wonderful relationship with someone who is a soul mate. Do you see a mate coming into my life?  If so, does he live in this area or in another part of this country where the air is not so polluted and the temperature is moderate.

Answer: Hello dear one! Alana is excited to hear your relationship question. Alana wishes to point you in a direction to know that there is always room to share love and that people are always seeking connection with each other. So yes, Alana can sense that possibilities are out there for you to find soul mate vibration in your life.

Continue extending your joy. Continue extending the vibration of happiness that exists within you. Continue to look into your world for situations, places, and opportunities that will enrich your being. By doing this, you place yourself in proximity to others that are also engaged in similar joys. Compatibility is evident where joy exists.

As you wonder about a warmer climate or one that is more conducive to you, consider the possibilities. Maybe a trip or two could point you in a direction that may also bring you joy. Alana feels that you have the power within you to bring compatibility to you no matter where you are. So, it is not necessary for you to go to another location to find true love. The location change is more about you holding the vision within yourself and to bring what you desire to you.

Thank you dear one for your delightful question. Continue sharing your joy. The love that you extend makes the world a better place.

Thank you dear one.