Karmic Relationships

Question: I need a little family counseling regarding my sweet daughter. She has been in a co-dependent relationship for almost seven years. She is now almost twenty-five. I feel her connection with her partner is karmic, and even the pain this has brought me must somehow be hers and my karma.

I know as a mother I have no control over what she does or who she is with. They are both alcoholic, and he doesn't work. She works hard to keep things together.

My prayer is to release her to her highest and best. In my heart, I can't help but feel that somehow she has to experience this because one day she is going to be teaching about co-dependency and addiction, thus must experience it. Perhaps this is wishful thinking, but I feel this could be so.

Any healing advice or suggestions you can give to me would be greatly appreciated.

Answer: Hello, dear one! Thank you for bringing forth your question on the nature of co-dependent relationships and the dysfuctional nature of addiction. Alana is happy to provide some personal coaching on how to care for yourself when intervention is not an option.

Alana senses much heart felt energy and a deep connection with your daughter vibration. Alana also wishes to acknowledge you for allowing your daughter to have the presence of her life. It is difficult being a mother with a child who has less than you desire for her and still be able to detach and hold her with love. This quality supports holding her as able to create her identity, and to create her life and learn from her life lessons.

Alana feels that your daughter is getting ready to create a life transition. Perhaps around the age of twenty-seven to twenty-eight. So, within the next two years, Alana feels that your daughter will begin to ask deeper questions about her identity and what may come forth in her future. Yet, Alana senses that there is some karmic ties here. Karma is something we bring into our life through a desire to co-create a certain pattern with someone for a particular reason. Whatever that reason may be. As your daughter gets ready to move through this transition, that Alana senses, it feels like she will begin to utilize her knowledge in greater ways. We do learn from our experiences. So, trust that your daughter will use the knowledge held within her for greater purposes.

In addition, physical addiction often is rooted in areas where we can do things on a physical level as well to support our natures. Sometimes nutrition can make a great difference because it can break the pattern of dependency that exists within the body.

Alana wishes to support you in continuing with your tasks and holding the vision and light that you do. Because, as you hold this light you create an energy that supports those around you. Take good care of yourself. Be an example and continue to beam the love that you do. Thank you so much for your question dear one, and recognize that your relationship with your daughter will continue to grow and be blessed by the love that you carry within you.

Thank you dear one.