Probabilities and Possibilities

Question: Will my friend become involved in a long term love relationship? If so will he relocate to my area? And will we be financially successful?

Answer: Hello dear one! Alana is delighted to receive a question from you.

Alana feels the particular person that you speak of is someone who has many choices before him. There are two or three possibilities that may come before him in the next six months in relationship to his career. Alana is sensing this from what feels like his intention or possibilities where he has placed some energy. Now, whether or not he decides to move has something to do with what he is co-creating in his life. In other words, it has something to do with others as well as him. As we create our lives and manifest we participate in life's experiences with other people and situations. There is a co-creation and agreement made.

Alana senses that the second part of your question has something to do with others as well. Whether or not success in the financial area is significant feels like it has to do with his choices as well, but Alana can feel he is someone who is learning about manifesting and is learning about material wealth. He is also learning about what it means to find happiness.

Dear one, I hope this gives you a little insight. Recognize that we all have free will and that there are probabilities and possibilities, but nothing is engraved in stone. All is created from the now. Keep a focus on your thoughts each and every moment and you will have an idea of what will be in your future.

Thank you dear one for your question.