Relationship Differences

Question: I am currently in a relationship that is somewhat troubling. My partner does not seem to want to grow and progress in Spiritual avenues. My focus is Spirituality first and everything else next. I'm wondering if this relationship should continue or be ended. Your long term relationship advice would be surely appreciated.

Answer: Hello, dear one! It is delightful to receive this question from you. Alana appreciates your thoughtfulness and the qualities that exist within you. Relationships are very interesting, and when two people come together there will always be differences. There will always be the sparks of energy and familiarity that bring us together. Traveling through life as partners is a co-creation and it takes two willing people to support each other's values and needs, as well as their dreams and inspirations.

When you find a relationship that is harmonious on many levels, but without harmony on perhaps one or two levels, then there are choices to make. What you can do to assist the choices is to communicate clearly about what brings you wholeness, what delights you, and what are your major desires, interests, and dreams. By communicating, it creates a means for the relationship to continue to define itself. It creates a sense of clarity for you as well. So, before you rule out the possibility of compatibility, take some time to reveal more of your nature. Get a sense of how your partner responds. Also encourage your partner to reveal more of their nature and you will have more information to guide you.

True soul mate vibrations that have made a decision to be together as life partners will know how to be themselves wholly and still support the other individual in attaining their dreams and desires. People that come together in relationship that helps us define our dreams, desires, and what we would like to have in our life, are often our greatest teachers. It could be that this relationship might be of that nature. You may be teachers for each other so that each of you can define in greater detail what you would like. On the other hand, you may decide to take your relationship to another level and transform it into a soul mate vibration. Of course, this takes the willingness of both parties.

Thank you, dear one, for your soul mate question. Alana feels that it is a delightful question and that many will benefit from it. Also, stay true to your heart. You are on a grand path and Alana sees much love ahead for you. Thank you!