Content and Happy with or without a Relationship

Question: I have been in a lot of relationships in the past and I am starting to wonder if there is something I am doing wrong. No one seems to "fit". When a relationship starts to show the flags I choose to end it. I just feel life is too short to settle for losers and people who are not true. Do you think I am just destined to be alone forever? I do not want to fill my life up so full there is no room left for a relationship. But if this is how it is going to be I can't see not filling that space that is left with some other hobby or craft time filler. I am happy with either. I am to the point I do not feel like putting any more effort into this part of my life and being in the singles category is okay. Thanks you are such a blessing.

Answer: Hello dear one. It is delightful to receive a question from you. Alana is also very excited to connect with you in this way. In listening to your beautiful question Alana feels that you have developed a great heart, and a definite strength lies within your character. You have many skills and abilities. Those skills and abilities have created satisfaction through your knowing how to accomplish and bring fulfillment into your day.

I sense you are developing an awareness of how to move within yourself, observe your surroundings, and sense your environment. This skill feels like it can guide you in knowing where to take action, what to more toward and where your nature can contribute. Also, Alana is sensing you have received much through giving. Now opportunities for you to learn how to receive want to enter your life.

When Alana hears your question, Alana feels a partial reason why manifesting a soul mate has been difficult is your nature is more comfortable with giving than receiving. So let us play a game. Allow this possibility and play with this thought. Play by thinking of ways your nature could love basking in the delight of receiving. Begin this game by imagining. Imagine yourself as a delightful goddess. A beautiful goddess that can have anything her heart desires. Go into this thought and play with it. Play with what you would like to receive.

In doing this in a delightful fun way you tap into some secret dreams within you. Perhaps some of these dreams you keep from yourself because of your strong desire to contribute to others. Maybe because you keep busy with your abilities that accomplish so much. In this game of delightful discovery, imagine what it would be like to have many admirers. Of course, these admirers embrace qualities you desire. Let us create a smorgasbord. Let us imagine many possibilities! Really, enjoy your exploration.

By doing this exercise you are tapping into a reservoir that lies within your nature. It hasn't been tapped into for a long time. You are beginning to create energy. You are beginning to create a vibration that transforms and creates a light within you. It is difficult to meet a compatible mate until we turn on our inner light, you see. You are learning how to turn on your light.

Alana also wants to acknowledge you for your ability to discern. For discerning qualities in a relationship you like and knowing what is not satisfactory to you. It is grand that you say no to relationships that are not satisfactory because Alana senses your nature is going to bring forth a delightful individual. You are waiting for a soul mate vibration. So play with this game and see what happens. A relationship isn't something you need, and that is a grand foundation for a great relationship to begin upon.

Thank you dear one for your question.