Relationship Confusion Leads to New Understanding of Self

Question: What was the purpose or the lesson of my brief relationship that just ended? I like like to have a better understanding so I may have closure.

Answer: Hello dear one! Thank you for you question.

Relationships are very interesting and brief ones can also teach us alot about ourselves, just as all forms of relating to others can. People are our best teachers. This brief relationship feels like it was created to help bring clarity to your life. The clarity comes by evaluating what worked and didn't work for you in t he past and to gain a greater sense of what you want in your future. It feels that this relationship will help your nature clarify and figure out many things. For instance, when engaging and relating to another what do you enjoy and want to create? Also, what is uncomfortable for your nature?

By honoring what you have learned while in this brief relationship and by honoring and examining the qualities that existed, you will gain a great sense of what to empower within your nature. You will learn what to hold dear to your heart. By doing this we create clarity and learn how to make choices. We learn how the impact of another affects us. We learn what qualities exist in another that are compatible with our nature and what qualities are not.

Alana has a saying. "What you spin with spins with you." What this saying means is when you invite someone into your life you engage in all the qualities within them. Spinning is co-creative. The clearer you become about the qualities that you like the more opportunities you will create to bring forth vibrations and relationships that will mirror what is within you.

Alana feels that this was a grand opportunity to notice where you get confused and also to create more clarity. Confusion can be a higher state because it educates. It brings us to a new place within ourselves. It helps us distinguish and grow. When confusion comes, take a moment and breathe it through. Ask yourself what you can learn. Your confusion will lead you to a new understanding. It is a form of education. The confusion will pass and clarity will come by doing this process.

Thank you for your question dear one. Alana hopes that this answer has given you an understanding of the dynamics of the relationship. From here, you can go forth with greater clarity.

Thank you very much for your question.