Releasing Blocked Emotions

Question:Alana, I was born 10-05-55. The main influence in my life has been from a man born 12-22-60; he has brought me great joy but mostly pain. We have a beautiful son together. I released him from my life 2 yrs ago and went through withdrawal from him and my son also went with him! Now 2 yrs later they are both back. I'm glad to have my son back but I fear being set up for pain again with his father. At this time we are platonic, I have no intentions of it being any other way. I am involved with a bright, intelligent man born 7-20-62. I am afraid to love again and have a great fear to trust again. Please do not paint a picture of a weak wimpy woman, I am very strong, independent, and educated. But, when it comes to relationships I'm in need of advice. Thanks so much for this service you offer.

Hello, dear one! Thank you for bringing forth your delightful question. Alana senses your heart and the love that exist within you. It feels like you have much compassion and a desire to hold love, have love, and feel love. I also feel some past remembrances and pain, as you spoke, that hold you at a place of stillness. Alana suggests that you do some clearing. In other words, seek out ways to clear while holding on to the knowledge and wisdom you have attained. Wisdom like knowing what it is that is good for you, and what supports you, how you wish to be treated, and what creates an environment that allows you to thrive. Hold onto this knowledge while finding a way to clear the emotions that have been embedded into your nature.

You could practice release by breathing in love. You can open your heart through your thoughts or imagination. Bring into your heart your emotions and your fears about connection. On exhaling breathe out your pain, your confusion, your fear. Next bring in more love on your inhale and then on your exhale breath out your sadness and your past fears and then breath in more love. Do this technique anytime that you feel attached to pains of the past or perhaps when feeling a little bit paralyzed about moving forward. This will help you clear out your fears and your concerns about being connected to your ex-husband, and having him present in your life. This will assist you in staying grounded and in being centered. This way you can move forward in your new love relationship with much more emotional ease and clarity.

Alana senses that you wish to have more love in your life, and that you know it would make your life fuller and richer. What Alana is doing, is wishing to point you to tools that will assist you in learning more about how to trust yourself. This will help you to use discernment and create awareness so that you will know how to trust and what to trust outside of yourself. The question of trust is not about how do we trust another. It is how do we trust that we are paying attention to ourselves. How do we engage in the knowingness of our own nature so that we can create discernment. This will tells us what to bring into our life. It will help us pay attention to others.

Alana senses that you are well on your way and all you need to do is release some of your past emotional blockages. Call it scar tissue, so to speak. As this scar tissue dissolves and lets go remember you will keep your wisdom and you will keep your knowledge. By being in the present moment and discerning what it is that pleases you, you will guide yourself forward with much more clarity. What comes into your life will come from this clear place within you, and therefore events in you life will mirror this intention. Hopefully Alana was able to give you some information that is useful here and some guidance as well. Thank you, dear one, for your question and Alana appreciates your nature.

Thank you.