Question: You helped me so much on my last question that I know you can definitely give me some direction on this one. You had said I would meet my soul mate and that I needed to learn how to love myself and he would be showing me some areas that were fearful for me but I needed to trust the process and flow with it. I just want to know if I have met my true soul mate.

It is really strange, he lives about 60 miles from me so we correspond by US mail and we have met face to face. What is so awesome is that we both can be writing each other on the same subject at the same time without each other even knowing it till we get each other's letter. Also, we have not had any sexual contact with each other. I truly have felt his presence sexually even though we are both waiting till the right time. He says he has experienced the same thing but was afraid to tell me, thinking it would scare me, which it didn't. It just intensified what I was feeling already for him. I am wondering how I can tell if he is my true soul mate? I can tell when he isn't in a good place emotionally and he seems to know that about me too. So can you give me some guidance on how to know if he really is the one? I feel so safe in this relationship, Alana it is almost scary. I have never felt the spirit of someone being with me emotionally, spiritually, and yet sexually even though that hasn't even occurred yet. What are some signs to tell? He is an awesome part of my life and I truly find myself longing to get letters and see him when I am able to and vice a versa.

So any ideas as how to tell that you have met your soul mate would be greatly appreciated. I would love a definition of a soul mate too, maybe that would give me some clarity. I would share it with him too. He doesn't have a computer so I will tell him.

Thanks Alana you truly blessed my life with your wisdom. Any insights! I know you will guide me right.

Answer: Hello dear one! Alana is delighted to hear from you again and feels excited that you are bringing forth connection from an individual that feels so compatible to your nature. Your question, being that of soul mate vibration, is a grand question indeed. Alana will spend some time telling and guiding you in how to create more clarity for yourself.

A soul mate is an individual or a being that comes forth into one's life because both of you have intended to share experiences. There are many types of soul mates but Alana senses you are asking for the definition and clarity about a love soul mate. Alana senses that the person that you are connected to is indeed a soul mate vibration. One in which there is a complimentary desire to create a space for nurturing, caring, and sharing. Alana senses a vibrational compatibility as well. The two of you have similar areas of your natures that have developed to similar expressions. What I mean, is much of your natures are complimentary and there is respect for each other.

When soul mates come together, having this as their foundation, these individuals most likely will continue integrating respect into their relationship. They can continue moving from the spiritual connection, into the mental connection, into the emotional connection, and then the physical connection can be blended as well. Alana feels this is the type of relationship that has the most staying power as the expression goes. This is the type of relationship that has less karma to work out and more karma to enjoy.

Continue to be in the present moment. This is one thing that Alana also encourages you to do instead of looking into the past and fearing it. Or fearing that you may bring forth past pains or confusions and project them into your future. Or fearing that in the future you may not have insight, wisdom or knowledge to guide you. Instead of focusing your thoughts on any of those directions, just be in the present moment. Connect to your heart, connect to your dreams, be present with who your essence is and communicate from there. When we are in the present moment bringing forth our full expression (or our full being), we are able to be clear within the dynamics of our environment about our day to day experiences, and what occurs.

Alana hopes this has given you some ideas and guidance to assist you in creating love within your life. Continue to learn about yourself and fall in love with you! You'll find others will receive more and gain more knowledge about how to embrace you as well.

Thank you dear one, for the delightful question.