Learning to Trust Love Again

Question: I have a met a man with whom I have started to fall in love.

Being a Cancer, him a Pisces, I have so much fear and I am afraid to move forward with this relationship

I have been married twice, already. My first husband left for his secretary and the second one, whom I am divorcing now, slowly became more controlling and abusive. Now, here's this gentle kind man falling in love with me and neither of our divorces are final.I have been lied to for so long.

How do I learn to trust again? Is it a quick decision or just a slow process? How do I know if I should plow ahead (is it too soon?) or proceed cautiously

I am tired. My mother is dying of cancer and I do not know how long I have with her. My job is uncertain after 15 years with reorganization and my tough exterior is looking for some help.

Answer: Hello dear one! Thank you for coming forth today and bringing your question to Alana.

Listening to your question, I hear many different aspects of your nature desiring connection, love, and understanding. I feel that you are in a great transition in your life and one that is about to open many doors for you. Remember that when one door closes many new doors open. Alana wishes to direct you into your nature and asks you to spend time with yourself.

You ask, "How does one know how to trust love?

Essentially that is what your question sounds like. How you know is to pay attention to how you are feeling within your body and how you are feeling within your nature.

If you sense anticipation and excitement while in the present moment, taking in your surroundings and feeling a mixture of senses, take a small baby step forward to gather more information.

Keep bringing more information to you so that you can create a greater understanding of you. Your outside world points back to you. All that is in your outside world is pointing you back into you so you can receive clear knowledge about what it is that you desire, wish, and want to create in your life.

I do feel that love with a companion, someone who is compatible with a complimentary dynamic, and someone who is soft and gentle, and is a part of your desires.

I also feel that you are wishing your career to become more fulfilling. You are stepping into a time of your life where you will get to learn new things again and feel less challenged by pressure.

All and all, it feels that you want your life to have much less complexity and much more simplicity.

Evaluate your surroundings and ask yourself, "Is this distraction, is this complexity, is this confusion?"

If so, ask yourself, "How can I create simplicity and clarity?

As you gain answers in those areas, move toward what brings about peace.

When you fear, ask yourself, "What it is that this fear is wishing to guide me toward?"

You will notice that your fear really wants to bring about clarity. Your fear isn't about denial and isn't about keeping you from love. It is about you getting to know yourself better. It is a way to gain a clearer understanding about what may bring you happiness.

Keep tuning into your nature. Pay attention to all of your feelings. This is what will guide you.

In looking at your external world...if you find things that are not pleasing you, not complimentary by not supporting you, let those go. This will bring you much more peace.

Seek simplicity and love will find more ways to come into your life.

Alana appreciates your question and hopes that these words have given you some tools to create a deeper understanding of your nature and empower you to create clearer choices.

Thank you dear one, Alana feels that your question may benefit many and help them heal relationship fears.