Making New Friends Can Be Hard

Question: I am thankful that all of the people who were in my life - those who were not for my greater good, are no longer involved with me. I have learned a lot, and no longer attract as much negativity. However, it seems as though I don't attract new friends. For the most part, I enjoy my own company, but I long for stimulating conversation - sharing insights, etc. My children are grown with lives of their own. I am a young forty year old, I take care of myself in health, mind and spirit. I just don't understand why I seem to repel people and have difficulty creating new friends who share in creativity a positive life. I have always felt that my inner feelings and beliefs would attract like-minded people, but it isn't happening. Although I don't dwell on it, it does come to mind more often each day. Your wisdom is much appreciated!

Answer: Dear one, thank you very much for bringing forth this beautiful question and the honesty and compassion that you shared. Alana feels that you have been going through a time of healing. Healing on many levels, as well as a time of devotion and self-discovery. You see, this time in your life has been very important. Your last seven years has been a grand cycle in which much has been revealed to you about your nature, about your likes, your dislikes and your inner passions. Now you are at a place in your life where self discovery is filling much of your being. You are now getting ready to move into another aspect of your life which will create even more discovery. Therefore this question you brought forth today is one that is now ready to have a little more energy placed within it.

Alana wishes to congratulate you for all of the work that you have done and for all of the discernment that you have turned towards which has allowed you to create much more joy in your life. So, today we are now turning towards another type of discernment. One which is about love. Yes, you have found that you are quite capable, that you are able, that you are creative, that you are independent, and that you can trust yourself. So now we can together express a desire to share all that you are with others in the world. By opening up yourself to receive more love you can begin to specifically ask yourself what qualities within another would bring you great joy.

Begin by defining and discerning what qualities in another you would like to evoke and invite into your life. This is the first way to begin to bring about love. It is a step that will begin to evoke the possibility within you that a probable or possible companion could fulfill all of the desires that you deserve. As you do this you create a velocity, you create an energy, you create a magnetic vibration. This vibration will allow those that are compatible with your nature to begin to come into your life.

You will also find the excitement of doing this will also add vitality to your being because you will have another way of exchanging energy through conversation and through friendliness. This will also fulfill aspects within you. You see others are mirrors of oneself. Play with what Alana has expressed here, and then you will begin to open possibilities for finding love. A clear energy will start to fuel your discernment. Alana sees you with love.

Thank you for your question dear one.