Relationship Clarity through Honest Communication

Question: I am wondering if my relationship of love of many years is going to terminate in this year.

Answer: Hello dear one! Thank you for asking your relationship question. Alana feels a connection to you and is delighted to be welcomed into your life. Sensing your question it feels that you are at a crossroad. This is partly why Alana heart is engaging in your life in this way. This crossroad feels like you are paying more attention to what your heart desires and wishes. Also you are acknowledging more about what creates connection and happiness for you.

As you are in this crossroad of choice, know that communication is significant and important. It will help you determine which direction you wish to take. So, please communicate what it is that you feel you are needing, desiring, and wanting your partner to understand more clearly about you. As you communicate your partner will gain a clearer definition of you and a have a greater responsibility to become more deeply honest with himself as well as you. Through self-reflecting communication you share in a deeply honest ways. Once you have communicated with a clear heart and with this self-honesty, you will have a clearer understanding of what your choices will be. This will determine what direction you may take.

We create our future from what we do now. So please do not hesitate; do not wait any longer to create the clearing, the honesty, to open the door for creating more love. Hold your heart dear. Have compassion for all and you will find yourself with a very bright future.

Thank you dear one for your question.