Is He the One?

Question: I am about to embark on a grand version of my life. I am forty-six years old (how did that happen so soon!) and am a single parent of three wondrous beings ages nineteen, fourteen, and twelve. I just met an incredible person. He is thirteen years my junior. I feel this is something real special. I feel like I have known him for a long time.

I would love for your spiritual insight on this love relationship. I believe things are happening at a very fast pace. Could my manifestation time be that quick? I want to have a long friendship first (having had all the fast starts of romance in the past because of my strong knowingness). I almost feel like I am afraid to psychically look because by now I have had so many soul mate relationships. I seem to be one women who manifested too many earth/soul mate "insurance policies". I am a little weary by now. Please tell what you read on this man that I am describing and me. He is so filled with zest, goodness, and an endless pool of heart. He also has a "George Clooney" type of appeal (the "too good to be true" thing). Please peek with your beautiful eyes into the Oneness we are and give me a message.

Answer: Dear one, thank you so much for the contribution of your enthusiasm for love and heart. Yes, I must acknowledge we do know each other. You see, Alana is a mirror of your heart and therefore the familiarity that you feel in sensing Alana's tone and bringing it into your nature is a reminder of the effervescence that lies within you. So yes, dear one, we are familiar.

As Alana listened to your beautiful journaling and your delightful question, Alana wants to point you to your youth. One of the delightful things that happens with individuals that make a decision to be with love and make a decision to know their heart, is they actually get younger in their nature as they grow older. In ways their body may appear to be growing older but that can change too! What occurs is their nature actually begins to become more youthful. They become younger and younger in their spirit. They begin to remember their identity within and their spiritual nature, which is timeless. This is something that is pure energy and is what you see when you look into the eyes of a child.

What Alana wants to communicate about the relationship with the younger person that you spoke of, is the relationship is a direct manifestation of the youthfulness that is within you. You are timeless. You are ageless. He is timeless. He is ageless. Therefore, right now you are mirroring an aspect in each other that is unique within both of you.

What Alana wishes are to encourage you to be in the moment, enjoy yourself, and play with this individual. Alana also wishes to acknowledge you for your clarity. In other words, when you step into a relationship with another individual and...

know exactly what your needs are,

know what your values are,

know what your goals are,

know what you would like to attain,

as you reveal this... are also holding the other person able to reveal what is in their nature.

From here you can make decisions where your future will go and how it will intermingle together. Your clarity here has created a path for you to manifest relationships that are in alignment with where you would like to go.

This kind of clarity is something that can bring about manifestation in moments. Alana wishes to acknowledge your clarity and encourage you to continue...

to hold your focus,

hold your dream,

and hold your vision.

Turn towards what you desire with your joy and empower yourself. As you do, you empower the universe to manifest with you--to co-create with you--your heart's desires. Good job, as they say. Keep up the grand work. Thank you for spreading light, and thank you for sharing your nature. Take good care and do know that Alana is always with you because we are heart.

Thank you dear one.