Finding a Soul Mate

Question: I've been experiencing a restless, anxious, feeling for a while now. I am dissatisfied with my current job and feel I am still waiting for my soul mate to be my creative partner. This all makes me feel so unbalanced. Help!

Answer: Dear one, thank you very much for bringing forth this question. Alana feels within you much creativity and much energy that wishes to come forth and be channeled. That energy feels like it is rooted in passion. Now, when Alana talks of passion, please know that passion can take many forms. What Alana is directing you to is gaining a deeper understanding for what really motivates you and fuels your desire to create connection.

Spend time with self-discovery and tune into the parts of you that get excited to express. Feel your desires to become involved in different activities, and you will find a core nature within you that your being wishes to further channel. In other words, as Alana hears your question, I am feeling that what would help you in many ways is to begin to tap into your creativity--your passion within--and find ways to direct it.

I feel that your soul mate vibration is waiting for you to become a fuller expression of your authentic self before his presence is known. At present, your nature is somewhat complacent, which is creating limitation within your being. I sense a part of you that feels restlessness, anxiousness, and like there is something outside of you that you cannot yet reach. Some of that is in the form of a soul mate, yes. A creative mate, yes. However, until you step into the vibration yourself, the mate will not be able to find you.

Again, Alana suggests that you begin to channel your desires and passions in ways that are more creative. If you do so, you will feel more vibrancy and aliveness within. From this energy your soul mate will be able to find you.

Alana feels that you have great charisma. You have a delightful personality. You have a very warm heart, but there is a part of you that says, "Let's stay within safety." In other words, "Let's stay in a place where I don't have to challenge myself to learn as much as I can. I wish to sit back, wait, and see what shows up before I make the next step." What Alana suggests is that you begin to take steps now. That is how things will show up.

So, dear one, I feel delighted that you brought forth this question. I feel that what you are looking for is inside you--within your energy, vibrancy, and passion. Just make a very simple adjustment. By channeling your deeper passions and joys, and moving in some new directions, you will feel happier and more energetic.

You do not need to make huge, drastic changes. I'm not saying that. I am suggesting that you further open your being to more possibilities. Begin to channel your creativity, and you will find that you have more vibrancy so that a magnetic force will come from you and draw things to you. It is really quite simple.

Thank you so much for your beautiful question. Alana will be within your heart.