Manifesting Relationships

Question: Alana, I am curious if you have any spiritual insight on if my life will come together in a way that will make me happy? If you do when and will I find someone who loves and adores me soon?

Answer: Hello dear one. Thank you so much for bringing forth this question.

Alana recognizes that you are learning about manifestation and how to create your heart's desire.

Alana also wishes to acknowledge you for your caring nature and for the love that you share with others. You see, dear one, our future is created from our now.

As Alana listens to your question I wish to bring you back into yourself and to ignite the power within you to create whatever it is that your heart does desire. Alana wishes to suggest that you begin to dream.

Begin to dream about possibilities.

Begin to dream about what would excite you.

Begin to dream about what a perfect relationship would feel like.

Begin to dream about, if you were fully successful, what would your life be like?

By doing this you begin to create energy and fuel for attracting what you wish. You begin to give the universe a grand impression -- a great idea of what you would like. The universe listens to you, dear one. The universe listens to your intention and thoughts because you are not separate.

As you create in the moment you project your thoughts into the now. Your future will be a manifestation of your intention. So, dear one, today, this moment, this precious moment, you are creating your future.

Alana guarantees if you pay attention to your thoughts and discern what is perfect for you it will impact your future. As you project into your life thoughts about which you are grateful and thoughts of that which you desire you build momentum. With these thoughts you create fuel to manifest and bring into physical form all that you desire. This is a primary step in manifestation.

So, keep up the good work. Keep looking at what you wish and let go of what isn't.

Thank you dear one for your spectacular question.