Question: Alana, I married at a young age of twenty years old. Our marriage was short because we had many difficulties around us and he didn't know how to handle stress. Because of my mother, I was the one who left our marriage. I have been divorced for eight years now.

I still think of my ex-husband everyday and have been unable to move on with other relationships. A couple years ago, my ex-husband and I almost got back together, but other influences kept us apart. He said he has not stopped thinking of me in those years as well. Now he is remarried, with a child, and I don't want to come between that. Sometimes I feel like I should not pursue another relationship because someday we may have a chance again. At the same time, I want to be able to let go and find happiness of love for myself again.

Alana, I just don't know if I can move on. It's been eight years and I feel like he is the only one I will ever love. I have tried to heal and I have tried to do everything I know, but nothing helps. Sometimes I feel like I have no choice and that I am set for a lifetime of pain and loneliness. Can you give me any relationship advice?

Answer: Dear one, yes. I do feel great significance with this relationship. I do feel that you will always remain connected. I also wish for you to understand that even though we may not be in someone's immediate environment--or see him or her day to day, or be married to them--if there is a connection, this connection goes beyond the physical. You see, we are not separate. We are all one. We are all connected. Therefore, even though this being is not in your immediate life, you still are connected and involved in many other ways.

Now, this will not keep you from finding love, because you are still connected. It will not keep you from attracting another partnership to you. Truthfully, you have many, many possible vibrations out there that could come into your life as a soul mate vibration. As you turn the light towards you and begin to concentrate on your own individuality, love will come.

Concentrate on your own talents and your own gifts. As you begin to channel this energy within yourself, and then outwardly express those energies--by connecting with vehicles that you feel passionate about and channeling your love into them--you will begin to create a cycle. What comes from this cycle will fill you up. Then your nature will not feel void of love.

In other words, your nature will not feel that you are incomplete without another as a partner in your life. When this begins to occur, your energy will begin to build momentum within. When you begin to feel more satisfied with your own individuality and your own expression, you will send out a beautiful light that will attract many possibilities. Among those possibilities, you will find a true love. So, please do not give up. Do not give up on the thought that love is meant to come into your life again.

You and your ex-husband will remain friends whether you see each other or not. You have a connection. It will continue to exist. It existed before, so why should it go away? However, it is not the only expression of love that can come into your life. Why else would God have created more than one person? We are channels of love, and we are meant to touch many. Many are meant to be our mirrors so they can show us more about ourselves.

Alana feels that as you become more satisfied with your beautiful nature, you will find more love coming into your life. Thank you so much for bringing forth this question. Alana feels it will aid many and serve them in finding love as well.