Is it True Opposites Attract?

Question: I am interested in a relationship with a guy who is very different from me and comes from a different background. I am wondering Alana, is it true that in relationships opposites attract?

Answer: Thank you so much for your beautiful question. Let's discuss how the sexes are sometimes drawn to character traits that are contrasting. Often it is true. People that are different from one another are often attracted to each other. In this way they can learn more about themselves and learn more about their differences. But, it is not always so. After we exhaust our opposites, we find we also have things that are in common with each other. So, there are many forms that relationships take.

Often we create in a partner that which we are looking for within ourselves or feel we are lacking in ourselves. In other words, you will see the qualities that you are looking for in the other person. If you are looking for things that are different you will begin to see only those things that are different. If you are looking for things that are similar, you will see those things that are similar as well. Your intention to see is what creates what you see!

Relationships are an interesting dynamic. They are opportunities to learn much about one's self and much about what we do to create love in our life. So, I hope this gives you a little clearer definition into the dynamics within a relationship. And how to look at relationships from many different perspectives.

Have fun on your discovery of the inner-actions between people. And pay attention to your intention to note what you see!

Thank you for your question.