Finding a Soul Mate After Divorce

Question: I have recently divorced for the third time now. I asked for every one of the divorces. I felt trapped in unhappy relationships. The ex-husbands seemed happy enough. I always felt something was missing. My question to you is, "Will I find my soul mate soon?" I don't know if soul mates really exist in the universe, but I would like to believe that they do. It seems to be so magic that one could daydream of the possibility of finding a mate so compatible that it makes everything you ever thought about worth existing.

Answer: Thank you for bringing forth this delightful question. As Alana senses your nature, Alana feels a complexity within you. Alana feels that you have yet to fully surrender to the depths of your nature and your individual pattern, meaning the full expression of who your nature is.

Perhaps the reason some of your relationships have felt that they are missing an element is because, you see, we attract to us individuals that mirror what we believe about our self. Alana is meaning that the more you are open with the full expression of your true self, the more you will attract compatible energies. This is the vibration you are looking for. Continue learning about yourself and continue your spiritual quest within. Continue to unfold your beautiful nature and find the true passions that are within you.

As you connect to the patterns that exist within you, and you begin to feel full within--because you are surrendering to your nature--you will then become a beckon of light. A light that will be visible to your soul mate vibrations.

Your past relationships came to you as a learning ground. In other words, we learn what we are ready to learn, and this gives us an opportunity to learn more about ourselves. We also tend to get as much fulfillment out of a relationship as we can give fulfillment to ourselves. Continue your path of self-love. Continue the path of getting in touch with who you are and finding ways to express in the world what pleases you. As you become this beckon of light, you will attract a partner that will feel satisfied because he will know you honestly. He will honestly be able to know your full expression. From there, he will feel he can be fully honest with you, and you will get to know his full expression. From this place relationships transform. You may find as you reveal more of your nature those from your past will be interested to see more of you as well.

Yes, soul mates do exist. They exist in many ways. They exist as people who come into our lives to take us to another level. They sometimes come into our lives because two people have chosen to come together for a particular purpose.

Yes, there are soul mates--a relationship where two individuals can be extremely compatible. Life can be purely a joy. But there is always learning when people come together. There is always learning how to be with each other without suppressing an aspect of one's self. True soul mates--ones that are life partners--support each other's individuality and can be together in harmony. They can support each other unconditionally and the synchronicity of this will keep two people bonded and together.

So dear one, do keep loving yourself. Seek your spiritual truths. Honor them! Support them! Express them so your light will shine and you will attract more and more love to mirror who you are. Thank you for your question dear one.