Soul Mates through Lifetimes

Question: Alana, recently you answered my question that concerned my wife who passed away on January of this year. I truly feel that we are soul mates because when I first met my wife I felt a feeling over my entire being that I had never felt before. The vibrations were truly strong. Since my wife's passing I have been wondering if we are truly soul mates how will we and how can our souls meet again in our next lifetimes?

Answer: Hello, dear one! Thank you for bringing this question to Alana. Alana appreciates the connection that you have in your heart, and also wants to confirm that, yes, you and your dear departed wife were soul mates and are still soul mates.

You know, we do have many different individuals that we connect with from time to time that are of the quality of soul mate vibrations. And, when soul mates have experienced separation in the physical it does not mean that the vibration between you is severed. Because, you see, we are all one and we are all connected.

So, it is a fact that your wife vibration, is now on the other side and you are here, but you are still connected even after her death. In other words, you do not have to find each other again because you are still connected. You see? It is just that in the physical realm, there is not an opportunity to continue on like you have in the past. But, you can continue to recognize that your connection is there.

Now, just as you have your own agendas in the way of your own soul development, supporting each other in individual soul development is important. So, I am sure that your beloved here is wishing you to have a grand future in the life that you exist in now, as I can feel that you are also desiring that your wife vibration continues her soul's journey and expansion.

When you depart your physical body it will be easy for you to align again with your wife vibration because, you see, when we have an intention and we hold a thought we create an energy that draws things to us, and it feels that your wife will have a similar intention. So, the two of you will co-create this connection. This same intention creates connection when you come into body again. When people are reborn over and over again, because they hold an intention to find each other, it creates a co-creation.

But, when individuals come back into body again and do find each other they still have to pay attention to their soul's development in the current life that they exist in. And then their two souls coming together again will determine how they wish to support each other. So, dear one, rest assured that if you have an intention and you hold it in your heart, and the other individual does the same, that you will meet again. Friends or dear ones always will connect, and when they do, they always have free will at the same time.

Thank you, dear one, for your question. That was a delightful question.