Choosing Self Discovery for Building Bridges in Marriage

Question: Will my husband and I stay together marriage wise after all these years of challenges and changes? Thank you.

Answer: Hello, dear one! It feels that you both have definite deep connections and that the two of you came together to teach each other and learn much from each other. It feels that it is up to you both whether or not you stay together. It is not something that is predestined, you know. It is a choice that each of you can make.

Alana feels that you can find ways to rekindle your love and ways to bring more light into your relationship. This is a conscious choice that each of you can make. All relationships take work in committing to be there for each other and committing yourselves to communicating what you feel, think, need. It is important to share ones individuality so that relationships can continue building bridges between the two individuals daily. And the bridges that are built are what create the staying power or the connection that carries forth the expansion of the relationship into the future.

So, as long as you are open and continue to share and talk of your heart and your partner does the same you will find compatibilities that will keep you together and a new life can enter your relationship.

Alana appreciates your question. I have hopes that you will continue your self discovery to really begin to discover parts of yourself while turning towards ways of expressing your uniqueness. This will bring new joy into your heart and this joy will expand out into your world and effect those you love in positive ways.

Thank you, dear one, for your question.