Recovery from Substance Addiction

Question: Will you please address the issue of substance addictions?

The dependence on alcohol, drugs, tobacco, and even sugar addiction is a horrible way to live.

Thank you for any information you give to help people heal their addictive life patterns.

Alana's Answer: Hello, dear one. Thank you for bringing this question forth. Alana feels this is a very important question.

Abuse of substances and most types of addiction can be rooted or caused from the perception and feeling a lack of love and connection.

Somewhere within, a person may have developed a core belief that there is not enough love for them or that they are isolated and alone. The essential intention of both these limiting beliefs is a desire to connect to the feeling of love.

Isn't it always about love? Aren't we all striving to recognize love in our lives?

When we have one of these limiting core beliefs we translate it to the physical realms. We begin to find ways to fill the void that exists within us. We want to create a state of euphoria--a state within that emulates the feelings we are seeking--a sensation or feeling that appears to fill this void.

It is interesting how chemicals and substances can create physical energy within the chemistry of our bodies, and how this translates into a sensation that feels similar to love. If we use physical chemicals to substitute for love, trying to recreate this feeling over and over again can addict us.

Alana feels there are other ways to fill this void. An individual that has a strong physical body and a devotion of heart can do this through spiritual directions. They can find spiritual avenues to fill this void by connecting to their heart center, and engaging their higher purpose and power.

An individual with a body that is out of balance from abusing it will have more difficulty devoting themselves to the spiritual realms to fill this void. This is because their body responses really want to control their thoughts. What they need to do as a first step is begin balancing their body. They can seek nutritional support and examine the foods they are eating. They can begin to heal their addictions by taking better care of their body nourishment. Then combine this with some type of addicitons-therapy that aims to heal the root causes with compassion and care.

It is so important to heal ourselves physically, which will also support our emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions. We cannot cut off our bodies, since we live within our bodies. It is so important to embrace all that we are.

So, dear one, recognize that all dependency on anything outside of ourselves can be healed. It begins by the addicted person to begin embracing all aspects of their nature as they are able.

Alana suggests when one is addicted, to begin on a physical level with some kind of addictions-therapy that will help them understand why they need support, and then address the spiritual root though some type of spiritual practice that is without judgement. The mental and the emotional will heal as we address the physical by supporting our bodies, and the spiritual by reconnecting to our heart and higher natures which are pure love.

Thank you, dear one, for your question.

-- Alana