Question: It is my belief that our lives are a progression of lessons to be learned--a goal best accomplished on our own. Most of the time, I am successful in determining what the problem is, quickly learning the life lesson (ending the unpleasant situation), and (gratefully) moving on. Lately, this has not been the case, and my attempts to meditate and pray for guidance are unproductive. Is there a time or reason that our spiritual resources for guidance would be (purposely) limited? Is there a reason why we would be given more lessons (challenges, problems) before the previous ones had been learned? Are there different levels, such as graduate school versus high school? Any guidance would be most appreciated.

Answer: Hello, dear one. Alana welcomes your question on life lessons and why one's prayers may seem unanswered. Your question is a very interesting one. Within it there is a feeling of connection, yet there is a feeling of separation. Alana is sensing that within you there is a dichotomy. There is a polarity existing. When we are in a polarity what happens is we get to experience both sides of the polarity until we can learn how to balance. Then we realize that both sides of the polarity are the same.

From your intention you have created lessons. They came to you so you could sense which side of a polarity that you were on. This polarity feels like one in which you were on your own--separate and disconnected from the whole. By doing this, you could step outside of yourself and view in a broader way. What this does, in one way, is to reinforce separation. In another way, it assists you in developing an observer. Developing an observer is a beginning place for developing self awareness (the ability to step outside of one's self and view from an observer position). What this can do is reinforce a feeling of separation on one hand, but on the other hand, it can reinforce the nature of connection. The observer is appearing to be outside of one's self and looking within one's self. Here we have a dichotomy.

Once the observer is developed we can move to the other end of the polarity. We can begin to see how we are connected. Now that we have experienced both sides we come into a balanced position. We see our small self, significant self, or individual self. We now have our observer self connecting with our higher self and both are co-creating and operating together. At this point (where this connection has been created) we will bring new lessons.

Sometimes we may find that we attract many opportunities to learn because we desire to grow at a very fast pace. You see, we cannot separate one lesson from another. We learn on many levels simultaneously.

We are multi-dimensional beings attracting experiences on many different levels simultaneously. This is so we can learn, experience, enjoy, and have delight in opportunities that bring forth knowledge within us. It is not linear in the way that we learn. We learn on many levels simultaneously. Therefore, when we try to view from our mind in a linear fashion, we create much confusion. Recognize that your intention within to learn will attract many situations to you, and yes they may overlap. The truth is that everything is connected. We are multi-dimensional beings, which means that we have varied levels in which we have consciousness. Therefore, we learn on many different levels. You could refer to this as being in graduate school and high school simultaneously.

If you look within your life and reflect where your emotions have felt the most stuck, you will probably be within a high school experience. When you look at your life and feel where you have had the greatest clarity, you will find that your lesson may be of graduate school and beyond. We have different areas within our lives where we feel clarity, different areas where we may feel unclear. Within those areas, we have different levels of experiences which we bring forth through our intention to co-create. In this way, we continue to elevate our vibration.

Dear one, just keep looking at your intention. What Alana means by this is to look at where your thoughts dwell. This will give you an idea of where you will be attracting experiences. If you find that your thoughts dwell in one area, or you have a focus that consumes much of your thought, then this is probably an area where you have emotions that are unwinding. This is probably an area where your lessons will be more like what you might call high school. If you find an area where you are quite open, perhaps like your creativity, you are open to bringing in more...say, flavors of ice cream, then you may find that your experiences will bring loftier possibilities. The ones that ignite more joy, those are your graduate school experiences. High school experiences (continuing with your analogy) are usually the ones that are the most painful. Graduate school experiences are the ones that usually allow more joy. Enjoy all of your experiences and know that the ones you may call high school experiences will lay the foundation for your other experiences. You can get through high school very quickly.

Thank you, dear one, for your question. Do enjoy your life experiences as they are opportunities to learn how to navigate one's life.