Power of Prayer

Question: I'm confused about praying. It is my belief that we are all connected therefore, God is in me. But praying to God feels like I'm praying to someone outside myself and separate. So, how does (if it does) praying fit into my life? I like the feeling of talking to my higher self, holding gratefulness, asking for guidance, etc. However, I don't get that feeling of reverence that I've experienced when I've gathered my thoughts and really extended them to a greater force than myself. I want a way to connect with my spiritual being as a type of ritual. Thank you, Alana, for understanding what I cannot put into words very well. I appreciate your spiritual guidance.

Alana's Answer: Hello, dear one. I think you put your question into words delightfully, and I do understand what you mean. There are many viewpoints on prayer and how it should be carried out. Some think it is looking up into the heavens and praying to a God force that is a masculine vibration that judges. This form of prayer does not seem like something that would be very exciting or fun to do. It feels like with this form a person is affirming separation between spirit, man, and all things.

The action behind the word "prayer" has gotten confused because of religious misunderstandings. When you communicate with intention which happens through authentic prayer this is really a celebration of "you" and quite powerful. It is an action that aligns your senses as you are also aligning of all of your parts (aspects of your nature, including higherself) for the benefit of creating and manifesting a desired reality. When you do this, you make declarations of self-fullness. When you do this you make requests while calling forth all of your parts--your highest, your wisest. You bring forth those parts of your being that are connected to and call forth "all that is". These thoughts and actions create a declaration and the requests fueled by your attention are very powerful. They create an intention. They create an image, an energetic imprint. This is very powerful for this energizes the matching of resources that are eager to fulfil your imprint.

Through prayer--through the communication of what you desire, wish, intend, and are grateful for--you create a powerful alignment. From this alignment, you create manifestation.

Dear one, you are doing this with your prayer. You are also beginning to recognize that you have prayer within you every moment. During every moment your attitude, your expression, and what you see and observe is your prayer. There is no other way it can be. Do you see?

Your thoughts and actions ARE your prayers. Thank you for your question, and thank you for your desire to know all that you are!