How to Pray

Question: How can I pray effectively?

Answer: Thank you, dear one! Thank you for your question. Alana appreciates this question because it feels that it is one that can benefit many.

Prayer is a beautiful communication. Prayer is a grand way to identify your desires, as well as a way to extend love into the world. When you have a desire to pray, it is a great opportunity to connect with your spiritual self, and to align your spiritual self with all that is. That is the intention that comes with prayer.

How can you pray effectively? First, connect with your heart. From there, connect with the messages that you would like to give. Next, begin to share with love for the highest and best good of all. When you wish to send blessings to others, pray by first holding them in your thoughts with love. Then see them whole and know that they are full, whole, able and capable.

Also, see their higher nature. Ask to connect with their higher nature and see their higher nature bringing within them all that is in alignment for their highest and best good.

When you make a prayer that is about something you wish to create, bring about, or bless yourself with, bring these thoughts into your heart as well. Create an image in your thoughts and bring your senses in. Feel with all of your senses, the image with which you wish to align. Then, connect with your higher self and ask that you receive that which is in alignment for your highest and best good.

As you are doing this, connect with your higher power, and connect with all that is. Connect with God, connect with love, connect with light. See your prayer occurring within your heart and then extend these thoughts. Describe what it is that would bring you delight and what would bring you joy. Describe it in much detail.

Once you feel that you have extended your message and have connected with the love that exists within all, then hold this image in your thoughts for a few minutes. Now release it. Once you release the image you can make a declaration. You can say, "So be it" or "Thank you". You can create a closure to your prayer. Simply do whatever feels in alignment with you.

Now let your prayer go. By letting it go you confirm trust. Throughout your day hold this thought with expectancy. Not expectancy by thinking that it has to manifest in the way that your thoughts necessarily feel it will. But with expectancy that your words were heard and that your thoughts were felt!

Expectancy that the universe, God, or spirit will bring about a creation that is in alignment with your highest and best good, and that you will also be fulfilled.

Thank you, dear one! What a wonderful question! Prayers are messages that are sent and received. They come back to one's self. And prayers are heard by all. Prayers are felt, prayers are real, and prayers are the way we communicate with all. Also, dear one, our thoughts are prayers!

-- Alana