Creating World Peace Through Emotional Balance

Question: What can an individual person do to help bring peace to Kosovo, and peace throughout the world, too? I know that we all co-create our experiences, but the situation there leaves me feeling helpless and sad. Is there an affirmation I could make, or a way to envision a resolution to the suffering?

(Alana's answer is universal, as it can be applied to World Peace as well.)

Answer: First of all, what you can do individually is recognize the emotions that run through your body and the senses and feelings that exist within you. By doing this you open your nature so that empowerment and healing can take place. See if you can allow yourself to feel...

Feel your senses, feel your helplessness, and feel the sadness within you.

This connects you to a deep place within your heart where love wishes to flow.

As you connect to your heart and sense your emotions, feelings, and reactions to the co-creation that is existing in this land, continue to feel these thoughts and emotions. Now, begin to bring what you sense an ideal solution could be into your heart as well. In other words... See peace there.

See people communicating with agreement.

See people sharing their needs and placing their hands out to one another.

Begin to see possibility.

Begin to imagine probabilities that could occur to help solve the dilemma. As each individual does this, it creates within the universe possibilities and energies that could ignite. What Alana means by this is that when we project thoughts, we extend them into the universe. As collective thoughts come together, with many people thinking of the same thing, energy is created. This energy can begin to take form. This is much of what prayer is you know. When we pray for a possibility, we extend an energy.

So feel your sadness, feel your helplessness, go into that energy and allow it to be. Then begin to imagine possibility and empower those thoughts. This is the most beneficial way that one can direct their energy to promote peace, wholeness, and joy.

Thank you dear one for bringing forth this question. Yes, a single individual can make a shift within the world by empowering possibility.

-- Alana