Spiritual Insight on President Clinton Impeachment

Questioner: Alana I have a sense that our country is learning some very important lessons in the Bill Clinton impeachment debate. I am wondering how you would describe the core intention of what this country and perhaps the world wants to learn from your spiritual insight?

Alana: To expose power and confusion.

Questioner: To expose Bill Clinton as a powerful bad person, is this what you mean?

Alana: No!

Questioner: Could you elaborate.

Alana: We are looking for collective vibrations that choose to control others. So therefore, it is more perhaps about an individual being a catalyst to create that exposure. You look at your headlines, Monica Lewinsky; she is a catalyst to create exposure. You have Bill Clinton; he is a catalyst to create exposure. You have the Ken Starr being; he is a catalyst to create exposure. They have all pre-arranged this within their intention to bring about this shift. So, there is no victim here and there really isn't any bad person here. They are coming together to create a situation that is exposing a collective need to control.

There is belief in separation, there is belief in loss, scarcity, and being a victim, you know. This is what wants to be exposed so that it can heal. Anybody that beholds collective beings in this misalignment in this way will become noticeable. There will be situations that will occur between individuals that will choose to come together as a catalyst from a greater intention within them to expose these situations.

Questioner: Now I can hear someone saying "Well I think basically Bill Clinton is a liar and an adulterer and has been a horrible example for America. What would you say to that?

Alana: I would say look at your own needs within yourself and look at your values. Know that within yourself, yes, that is not what you would embrace and this is truth for you. What Alana is speaking of, is not whether Bill Clinton has been bad or good, is right, or is wrong. It is more about his higher nature allowing these circumstances to come into his life so that he can co-create a situation unconsciously, ok. I don't think he is conscious of this. Unconsciously, there is an arrangement with these other beings so that the unbalance, the misappropriation of power, the vision, and belief in the hierarchy (of showing dominance of one over the other), could come into light. So we could bring forth light. It is like an agreement to bring a flashlight to work. You see!

Questioner: Now someone might be wondering, "Well how is this agreement created?" How is it happening and how would the subconscious's get together? Is it before this lifetime? So then, this intention has been around for a long time?

Alana: Yes

Questioner: So this intention has been there a long time. Also, we have as part of the drama Larry Flint, the publisher of Hustler magazine...

Alana: He has a grand flashlight as well. He has been shining it his whole life. If he has not been shining it, it has been shining on him.

Questioner: You know I could think of people that would consider themselves spiritual and say how can we say he has a grand intention. He is a former drug addict. He is a pornographer. He has a disgusting magazine. He victimizes woman, objectifies woman...

Alana: And he is shining a flashlight for you and all to recognize their beliefs. Alana is not talking about good or bad. Alana is not talking about polarity. Alana is just talking about bringing up the conflicts that exist within us, into a place of light, so that we can all get within us that we have needs to be connected to love. You see, no matter what it may look like, eventually our vibration will elevate in a way that we will remember our divinity. Then perhaps the way that we will express our needs will not have to do with power over any one else. It will be a co-creation of willingness, compassion, honor and benevolence.

Think of when you are trying to heal an illness. Say that your body has bad bacteria in it. What happens is you get a fever right? So, the fever looks like you are getting sicker when really the fever is there to burn off the bacteria so that you can heal and your immune system is working hard to bring about this healing.

Well, look at the issues that we have been speaking of and understand that the government has a fever right now. But, below it, when you look at the hearts of all individuals, they are seeking justice. They are seeking truth. They are seeking order. They are seeking fairness. When you look deep within it there is an elevation, a vibrational shift that is occurring. The means in which we create will not be about power over, will not be about separation any longer. It will come about by people recognizing that they are connected to God, infinite intelligence, wisdom, light, love, and therefore they have all resources within them. They do not need to get anything from any other source. As we recognize this and connect to our true divinity war will eventually be over. We will have heaven on earth. We will all co-create together in a way that brings about creation, peace, and expression. Like Sandy likes to say, everyone's individual snowflake pattern will emerge and it will be grand.